Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keeping up the scarf'ing...

I love that you can upscale an ordinary jean and shirt outfit by simply adding a bold scarf around your neck. It immediately makes the whole look more fashionable and gives the impression of a lot of thought. You do have to ditch tennis shoes or plastic flip flops though to give this appearance.
I am actualy excited about summer because there are so many flat and cute sandals in fashion this upcoming season. If you are a busy mom like me, you won't want to hassle with buckles and ties. But I do love the multiple strand styles so I only looked for the type that has a zipper behind the heel. It still has buckles but you never have to undo or tie them. I got a pair from Steve Madden last week. It is jean color with silver and black chains. Looks very cool but super comfy. I will post a picture soon.

Today's outfit: rock republic slim fitting jeans, black gap v-neck t-shirt, animal print suede ballerina flats, yellow scarf and black leather jacket.

Activities: Playdate at a park in the am, Aero and Auto museums at balboa park in the afternoon (free museum tuesdays).

I had to ditch the leather jacket for a comfier crop black cardigan. It was too tough to move around in the leather jacket. The rest of the outfit did work out great. When I am home I take off the scarf as well.

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