Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lacking Motivation

Today was tough. The first half of the day I was in workout clothes since miraculously I managed to get out of the house in time to make it to gym for the 8:30 AM kickboxing class. And amazingly both kids did OK at the kid club house. Then ran around in the same clothes to two different grocery stores.

After coming home, lunch and putting both down for their naps and showering I had very little motivation to wear anything but sweats.

But managed to put on an ensemble I had worn last winter and beat the temptation of putting on my sweats.

Outfit: Brown leggings, burnt orange tunic length fitted sweater top, leather slouchy cognac colored boots, brown wide belt. The belt just did not look right but I didn't have to time to fuss with it. Managed to put on a Betsy heart shaped necklace and brown tone watch.

Activity: Taking kids to Fleet Science center at Balboa Park to take advantage of free museum Tuesdays. Packed place. The outfit held well. The boots have a slight heel but they are comfy (not as comfy as uggs of course). The leggings were comfortable to sit on the floor and constantly pick up my daughter to stop her from putting disgustingly dirty toys in her mouth. The belt was annoying as it kept moving up but oh well...

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