Monday, February 1, 2010

Running around with both Kids

Keep forgetting to take a photo of the outfits... Hopefully will remember at least once this week.

I find it is very hard to be motivated to dress in anything stylish at 6 AM. So, even though it will save me time to be dressed and ready, I opt to stay in robe and slippers and do other chores early in the AM. That way I am more motivated before going out to dress in something other than sweats.

Today's Outfit: Skinny jeans (figured would wear it one more day before throwing them in the wash), white tee with zebra design (forever 21 item), Yellow long cardigan (Victoria's secret). Would have looked much better with gray patent leather ankle boots but I went with black uggs for comfort. Until it warms up I always go with uggs it seems. Chunky multi-chain necklace.

Take daughter to swim lesson, take son to hair cut, playdate at a friend's house.

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