Saturday, February 6, 2010

Matching Daughter

Hosted my daughter's 1st Birthday Party. Thought it would be small if I only invited 8 of her friends but since each baby is from a family of 4 plus our family hosted a 52 people party at our house while it was pouring outside which means no outside space could be used.

Dressed my daughter in the puffiest and cutest ballet tutu, so had to wear something that wouldn't clash with her. Was going to wear a really cute white dress but it was too cold for a summer dress.

Outfit: black leggings, grey tunic lenght sweater that has a pictures of two legs in black fishnet stockings and chains on ankles but in pink ballet shoes on point. Ballet shoe necklace, ugg boots.
I wish I could come up with a flashier outfit but didn't have time.
My mom's outfit on the other hand was very creative. She had this light blue top with rosettes peeking under the pink flowered cardigan. Light colored jeans, with a pink studded belt and bronze pink wedge loafers. Very flashy stylis but yet appropriate to the ballerina b-day girl.

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