Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comfy but Chic

Today's Outfit: Dark Blue skinny jeans, black ugg boots, white tee with a black girl silihoute with some stone detail, argyle green/cream/black crop hoodie zip up cardigan. Big chunky black and clear necklace.
Like how the argyle goes with the graphic design tee and the chunky necklace adds some style while the uggs bring it back down to earth. If it was warmer I could have also gone with black suede ballet flats but uggs are just so comfy.

Activities: Visiting grandparents house, park, lunch out, lots of grocery shopping.

A lot of these items are from forever 21. That store can be intimidating cause first of all you think to yourself you are no longer '21'. Second of all it is a total chaos in there. Way too many clothes, packed racks and a lot of crazy items some of them very cheap looking. You have to be able to see each piece on its own somehow to figure out their full potential. Some of their pieces have so much good detail that it is hard to beleive how cheap they are. The trick is also pairing couple pieces from there with expansive pieces you already own. Then they blend. Now that I am a mom I do not have the funds to spend on brand names from head to toe. I tend to buy the most stylish pieces cheap as they only tend to last one season or so. I invest in classic items and never buy cheap shoes as they hurt your feet.

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