Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Casual in the Wild

Wild Animal Park that is...

Continuing with the casual style this week. By the way thank you so much for hte supportive comments on my casual outfit yesterday. I thought if I didn't dress up I would get nothing it was nice to see I had support. 
Found this combo in an old outfit list on my computer. I have always loved mini skirts but with kids it is not a concept that can be pulled off. So, I like the idea of wearing leggings underneath. I do this same style with jean mini skirts as well (sure to come up in the following weeks). I don't usually wear sneakers. When it is cold I go with uggs, but since it was a warm day and I needed good shoes to tackle the hills of Wild Animal Park needed an outfit with sneakers. I ordered a new pair of converse slip on sneakers for this purpose but they haven't arrived yet.

Top - Polo - TJ Maxx
Corduroy Mini Skirt - can not remember where I got this
Brown Leggings - from Turkey
Cream zip up hoodie - Delia's catalog
Sneakers - Saucony - TJ Maxx
Double brown belt - F21 - $9

Today's Activities: Wild Animal Park with a good friend and her kids. I love this city I live in. There is so much to do with kids and a weather that allows you to do them all year round. I am spoiled but I never take it for granted. So, all these activities you see like Sea World, Zoo, Wild animal Park, Aquarium are all parks we have annual passes too. That way we can go as much as we want and it is very affordable. In the afternoon had to run errands and Dr appointment. Met my husband by his work to swap the cars (with kids) so he can take them to the park and home and I can go to my Dr's appointment.

How to get the 'half tucked' look...

When I was dressing today, I wore my shirt in a 'half tucked' style which I love and thought I could do tips on how to achieve this look.

The key ingredient is a belt. Must have a belt tied around your waist hips so you can use it as an anchor.

If your top is somewhat short ending at your hips you can leave it un tucked but just fold one half of the front part to fall over the belt buckle. The buckle will hold it in place and half exposing the belt creates the look. See my photo...

If the top is long, start with tucking it in and then pull one side or both sides a little out. Again the front can be anchored by the belt.


  1. I love the skirt over leggings look!

  2. Very chic and laid back! Love the top!!


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