Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hiking Queen

Warned you guys yesterday today was going to be casual. Went on a mini hike with my son's toddler class today. It was his first hike on foot. Now even though I am a born and bred city girl, I am no stranger to hiking. I have traveled to some amazing places and have done some beautiful hikes. Therefore, I have a nice selection of adventure clothes and shoes. From stores like Eddie Bauer and REI that I would have never stepped in otherwise. But, since today's event  was nothing seriuos I still kept my top non hike material. I also like collecting locally made exotic jewelry items from the countries I visit. The necklace here is from the Amazon region of Brazil, the cuff bracelet from the Masai tribe of Kenya, Africa, the rings are from Costa Rica and the green evil eye bracelet is from my home country Turkey. These hiking shoes have been to so many places and have been washed many times. It was nice to take them out from their box they have been sitting since I got pregnant and we stopped our crazy adventure travel (at least until our kids are old enough to appreciate it with us).

Cargo Pants - JCrew
Grey Top - From a bazaar in Turkey
Short Sleve shirt - Eddie Bauer
Utility Shirt (worn like a jacket) - Gap
Hiking Shoes - Merrel - REI
Jewelry - collections explained above

Today's Activities: Hiking at Mission Trails Park with our Mommy and Me toddler class followed by a nature talk and craf time. In the afternoon we welcomed my husband grandparents and all went to the kids Music class followed by dinner at home.

Here is my son (in the gap hat) and my friend's son checking out a caterpiller on our hiking trail.

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