Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rosey Dreams

Well, I am back to dressing up. At least for today as tomorrow will have to be casual since we are going on a nature hike but that is tomorrow's blog...
So, this whole outfit was put together actually to wear my really pretty pink/grey lizard Kate Spade sandals. However, since I had no evening plans that required heels it was worn with these flats. These shoes and this top has been sitting in my closet for I don't know how long. The top was one of those pieces that I thought would be great to have. It is linen on top and silk on the bottom. And the ruffles are so girly (totally me!) But never figured out exactly what to wear it with. The shoes were a bargain find at TJ max and liked the pretty stiching and the fact that they were flats. But don't think I have worn them more than once. I was happy to create an outfit that used both pieces. The wrap around cardigan is very versatile. It looks great open or wrapped around. It was a great purchase since I seem to wear it a lot. The necklace is another item I wear it all the time. If you have not noticed I love pink so this necklace is my go to accessory whenever I wear pink which is often.

Pink linen/silk camisole top - La Radoute catalog
Wrap around Cardigan - F21
Dark Grey Skinny Jeans - Closet
Pink flats - I can't make out the brand as it is worn out
Necklace - Betsey Johnson - Nordstrom's

Today's Activities: Indoor toddler class with the kids. After naps (which my son did not nap!) took them swim class followed by grocery shopping. After dinner their uncle and grandpa (my dad and brother) came to entertain them.

It is probably time I should mention the blog will be going international very soon. Me and the kids are leaving for Turkey in less than 2 weeks and might stay up to 4 months. It is a family emergency there so we are going in a rush. I am in denial still that we are leaving so soon and for so long and the fact that I am taking two toddlers in the middle of a city. These kids as you can see from our activities are spoiled to death living in sunny San Diego and belonging to every kid activity/park that is available. I think the concept of a 'park' in my city (Izmir, Turkey) implies a nice clean grass area. I am hoping the busy crowded city streets in itself will be an entertainment for them. We shall see. They will get ton of attention from family and the language and culture will become concerete in their character so for that I am very happy. I just hope they behave and I get to spend time with my sick Grandpa.
As far as the blog is concerned, the outfits probably will go up a notch. This is a city and culture where 'not wearing sweats' is not a challange as no one wears sweats unless they are exercising which they rarely do. You know those TV shows like Sex in the city and Lipstick jungle where the women wore cocktail dresses to day time lunches etc... and you thought who are these people? Well, that is my city. Last year I took all my dressy evening clothes and they were totally appropriate for day time gatherings. Very dressy and modern so should be cool to dress up. But,  I will still have the kids full time so lets see how I manage.


  1. Loving your wrap around cardigan! <333

  2. Love your pink flat !!!
    I used to wear high hells before my youngest was born, but now I'm just happy to be able chasing her around in a flat shoes!

  3. I tried to comment yesturday, but it would let hopefully it will today. I love those Shoes soooo much. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa...hope you can have a good visit and all goes well!!


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