Monday, June 14, 2010


Gave the title cause the scarf has a gypse feel. Found this at the big bazaar we went one wednesday. This style of scarves are sold everywhere. The price ranges from 5 to 15 TL but usually they are solid colors and have pom pom trims. I love it when I find a cute design and this one had colorful beads. The style is perfect for summer. It is super thin and perfect length to go around your neck once. The ends trim down to a string which gives it a necklace look. Orange is always my fave to add a splash of pop color to unexpected outfits. Thought this orange would go gread over denim (or white as well). You have seen many combos with this denim dress. Everytime i get a small accessory piece I create a new combo with it. It is a great starting piece.  I again wore the white inside skirt underneath. All about layering these days. These flip flops were for the beach but since they went great with the scarf I wore them in the city. There is a tiny gold sea star on them (forgot to take a closeup photo) so went with gold jewelry. My aunt's creation and gift loop earings and my dad and his girlfriend's gift gold watch were perfect. The evil eye gold ring also compliments the blue in the dress. Finally the newly acquired string bracelet seems to go with everything I wear these days.  Since these were taken during an errand run while the kids were napping I have an actual purse. This was my great bargain purchase from the 'Thread Show'. Even though it looks black it is actually super dark green. So it can go with black or brown tones. The beads and the bird pretty much goes with everything. Especially with the new style of accessories I have been purchasing in Turkey.

Denim Dress - from Turkey (Alsancak) - 30 TL 
Orange Scarf - from Turkey (Bostanli Pazari) - 5 TL
Flip Flops - Ipenema from Turkey (Twiggy)
Leather purse with bead and bird detail - Thread Show - $80
Gold Bracelet Watch - Ed Hardy
Evil Eye gold ring - from Turkey
String bracelet - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Again too hot of a day to go out this morning. Tried to tire out the kids at home with hallway bowling and soccer but no luck. My son was not tired enough and did not nap. Went out during nap time to run errands. When we got home in the afternoon it was still way too hot to go out to the park. So, went to the indoor play area with cousin again. That was the best bet, kids ran around and jumped and climbed at their heart's desire without feeling the heat. Came home by dinner time.

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