Sunday, June 13, 2010

Layered Skirt

Fell in love with this skirt the minute I saw it. As I have told you before I am now obsessed with layered bottoms where white lacy things show from underneath. This skirt is sold like this with two layers. AND it came with this amazingly cool belt. I can wear this belt with a lot more stuff. Already created 3 different looks with the skirt. This new necklace I bought couple days ago from a street vendor was the perfect compliment I thought. Leather and bronze metal colors match the leather and bronze belt really nicely. Have not had a chance to get my hair blown dried so here is my hair natural (curly)... Discovered this camisole top underneath another shirt hanging in the closet. I am not sure for which outfit combo I brought this for. May be packed it by mistake but thought it goes nicely with the skirt.

White camisole top - La Redoute catalog
Double layered skirt with belt - boutique in Turkey
Leather and coin necklace - street vendor in Turkey
White and steel ring - Swatch
Bronze and cubic zircone arabic ring - from a jewelry store in Turkey (couple years ago)
Black sandals - Boutique 9

Today's Activities: Stayed home in the morning as it was way too hot to be out. Kids went a little nuts but we managed. Had an early lunch and they amazingly did nap pretty good even though they were not tired. May be the heat. After naps we started another adventure of visiting a different neighborhood and shopping center. This time we had a car so my mom drove. Wasn't easy to find but she did real good on the way there. Unfortunately this was an outside mall and it was still too warm. We found some kid rides in the shade and had the kids play by the decorative pools until it cooled down. Afterwards utilized the jumpy and the jumpy slide area. Kids had a blast. My daughter who has no fear loved to bounce among 4 year olds and was squeling in delight. My son who is usually more careful was climbing the high slide and sliding down with joy. Of course we did manage to do a tiny bit of shopping. Another great necklace vendor was there. See purchases below...
Our way back was a bit more eventful. First of all we couldn't get the car alarm to stop and after playing with it for 20 minutes with two tired kids in the back we just drove with the alarm on for 45 minutes. To top it all missed the exit and went towards the opposite direction and had to turn around. Missed the exit again but was able to quickly turn around and finally got home. We all had a headache from the alarm sound. It was nice to visit somewhere different though.

The blue one is my mom's purchase... The two long ones are mine. I plan to wear them together...


  1. Love this simple, but so chic!
    Sounds like an eventful embarassing about the car alarm tho...silly technology!!

  2. Daphne, kizim you are driving me crazy here with all these beautiful necklases.. Loved the two rings today..


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