Friday, June 18, 2010


I am back! After a few days of getting settled at the summer house finally ready to dress up and access internet. Actually I also wore an outfit and had connection yesterday but it was too hectic for photos so didn't post. The weather is too warm for a jacket but I wanted to wear this outfit before it got even hotter. Plus here we only wear normal clothes late afternoon. During the day it is swim suit and beach cover up. I plan to do a photos of my swim suit and beach cover ups ensembles one day but since it will be a little weird to shoot with them on I might just lay them on the floor. Anyway like this combination because it is mostly white with a touch of black and then punch of hot pink. The rolled up shorts, madonna tank and the ankle cuff sandals makes it a bit rugged and rough instead of cutesy. Got the idea of wearing multi bangles on both wrists from another blogger (fashionista talk). Got this combination (hot pink and black) for one of my swim suits but it also went good with this outfit. The big black rose plastic ring also goes great.

These are all taken in the front yard of my mom's summer house...

Modonna tank top - H&M
Hot Pink striped jacket - BCBG
White Shorts - Target
Ankle cuff black sandals - Boutique 9
Pink and black bangles - from Turkey
Black rose ring - CLOSET
Chunky multi chain necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: After a sleepless night with my daughter was woken up by my son at 6:30 AM. Walked with him to buy fresh bread from the local market. Ate breakfast together. After my daughter was fed took them both to the beach by myself. It was great. Spent time playing on the sand than managed to swim a little with both. The beach we go is walking distance and it is a bay so the water is super shallow for like a mile. Perfect for kids. Adults have to be pretty much sitting or laying down to get wet in the water but great area to go with the kids. Even met couple other mommies and their kids had a beach playdate. After showers (hose in the garden for quickness) and lunch both kids and myself napped. In the afternoon after snack took them to the beach again. Hence no reason to wear anything else. Went to a different beach (short drive) with my mom and the nanny (who I do not like but she is paid for 2 weeks). After a short swim came home for hot showers and dinner. Right after dinner left for downtown area of the summer town we are staying. It is very touristy and fun there. We have a tiny car so the double stroller does not fit with car seat so had to take a single umberella stroller and since my son was on foot we walked a little then came back. But it was a nice change of pace and a good spot for ice cream. See photo below...

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  1. It's a lovely outfit! So many great pieces: the tee, the jacket, the shoes. Great!


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