Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pier Adventure

This outfit was an effort to put together. I knew I wanted to wear these jeans today. They are super thin and baggy which is perfect for this hot weather here. They go best with super tight tank or strapless tops. I did not have any tops in my luggage that went great so wore this white tank top. It wsa too boring. I then found this sily old crop vest in my mom's closet. It added a bit of interest to it. Then I decided I wanted to wear that cute lavendar doll necklace I got couple weeks ago. Something was still missing, tried about 5 belts and decided on the purple scarf tied like a belt instead. Not super practical when going to the bathroom but I managed. Then there was the shoe dilemma. It had to be something flat and comfy due to my activities today and nothing looked great so at the end converses were the winners. Went simple with other jewelry and chose the white/nickel ring and silver watch.  See 'Today's Activities' for locale info...

Baggy thin Jeans - LC Waikiki in Turkey
White ribbed tank top - Target
Silk crop vest - mom's
purple scarf (tied as a belt) - Gap
Doll necklace - from Turkey
white/nickel ring - swatch
Shoes - converse

Today's Activities: Today is our last in the city. We are going be moving to the summer house super early tomorrow morning and I will probably spend at least a day probably 2 days unpacking and settling. Hopefully will be able to post by Thursday or Friday the latest. Since today was our last day decided to take on an adventure in the morning instead of staying home. Left as soon as the kids woke up and walked to the local pier. Had breakfast at a cafe facing the water and the pier. It was already hot but bearable. Took the ferry boat which had a nice breeze that was so welcome. Got off at the first stop which is Konak. On our way to the small closed shopping mall we encountered an old ship skeleton statue. My son wanted to climb it and I thought it would make the perfect backdrop to today's photo shoot. My new nanny took great shots. My son loved climbing all over the bars. The heat was starting to become scorching so we rushed to the shopping center's AC'd comfort. The building was an old fishery. It was beautiful inside. Pretty small for a shopping center with only 10 or so shops and a few restaurants but very cute. Apparently you are not allowed to take photos inside which we found out when we took the shot below. No one knew why you couldn't take photos. Spent most of the time in a book store (my son's favorite activity browsing books). Took a cab back home (no ferry boats until afternoon) in time for lunch. Posting early today as I will be packing tonight. We'll probably do the indoor play area in the afternoon until dinner. Talk to you all in couple of days...



  1. LOVE this outfit. Very chic and dare I say, sexy? ;-) Your son is so darn adorable too!! Beautiful pics!

  2. Hey Daphne! My name's Jessica...I'm Neal's cousin :) My grandmother, Elaine Bertsch, is his aunt. Anyway, she gave me the link to this website. I'm recently a new mom (my daughter's four months) and I'm always looking for new ways to be fashionable and be a mommy. So thanks!!!! I look forward to reading your posts!

  3. Daphne, I loved today's outfit with my favorite color purple in it, that scarf belt was a smart idea.. That doll necklace is so different.


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