Monday, July 19, 2010

Highlighter Bright

Totally behind in posts, so will try to catch up...Wore this outfit on Saturday (7/17).  I absolutely love this skirt. Bought it at the hip area of the summer town (Alacati) in a cute boutique called 'Agu'. I am disappointed because the ridicilously bright screaming flourescent color did not really come out in the photos. It is bright orange/pink highlighter color. I loved its style with layers and layers of fabric and cream tulle. And the fabric is soft t-shirt material so it is very comfy. Since it is a lot of layers it is heavy and stays put. I pull down the waist line a bit to make it tad longer. I was going to pair it with a white tank (which I will for a more casual look) but for today thought this old vintage lace corset top was a perfect match. This way I could wear my beige suede ankle cuff sandals too. Went simple on the accessories since the skirt is so bright with just peach/cream shell necklace layer over the pink to orange hued simple gold necklace. That is my new thing, layering short necklaces over one and other.

Cream lace corset top - Vintage (mom's)
Bright mini skirt - from Turkey (Agu in Alacati, Cesme)
Ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret
Shell Necklace - Mom's
Gold necklace - H&M

Saturday (7/17) Activities: After a nice beach outing in the morning followed by lunch and naps we got ready in the afternoon for 2 birthday parties. First was for the daugther of my high school buddy who was turning 3.  It was full of kids my son's age. They had a balloon face painter and lots of goodies and a huge snow white castle cake. The second was a Turkish friend from San Diego who is also visiting family like us whose daughter was turning 1. This was also a huge party with lots of kids and fun activities. We realized birthday parties here are like elobarate dinner parties. They serve all sorts of fancy appetizers and platters and platters of food and a full bar of drinks. We ate so  much. Of course since my daughter always manages to get into trouble I never ever sat down but just followed her around. They had a blast though.

Here is my mom and I with the kids right before we head off the parites...


  1. That skirt is absolutely fabulous!

  2. You and your mom are like 2 peas in a pod. So cute.

    I love the outfit and the bright colour of the skirt does show a bit in the picture with sunlight.

    Want to find a similar skirt.


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