Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Khakis with Yellow

Saw a similar combo like this in a Lucky magazine way back. I wish I had access to my full closet though as it would have been much more interesting with a pop of color shoes and possibly a pink bag. The brown shoes goes great with the brown belt but almost too matchy matchy. I would have liked to do something different instead. And as a pink lover I have about 4 pink purses and it would have been great interest of color with this outfit but I have limited items here so this will have to do. To avoid being even more match I did not wear my yellow watch and went with gold instead. I also chose big gold earings and no necklace and my new beaded bracelet combo with the evil eye ring.

Yellow Shirt - Mango
Khaki shorts - JCrew
Brown strappy heels - Mom's (Report)
Brown leather belt - Limited
Gold earings - Guess
Gold bracelet watch - Ed Hardy
Gold evil eye ring and beaded evil eye bracelets in white, orange, blue and yellow

Today's Activities: Had two beach outings today, both with my cousin and the kids only. Morning was the big beach but it was a windy day so lots of waves. Kids loved playing on the wet sand where the waves break but did not want to swim in them. After lunch and naps we went to our usual beach club. Spent a long time there. The club has turned into a total kid beach club. The entire sand area is covered with kids of all ages and a large array of sand toys. Parents all encourage playing together and sharing so it is great. After baths and dinner and some play time on the yard put down the kids and went out just girls (my mom, my aunt, my girl cousin and I) to the Marina to browse the shops there.
We were out until almost 2 AM last night browsing another town's shops. Went to an area with just street vendors and hand made accessories. You can imagine 4 women with no kids or men telling them to hurry up and a country where shops will stay open until late morning it was a long night of shopping. Liked sooo many itesm but refrained from buying. Did purchase the 4 beaded bracelets and these adorable hand knit slippers. See below...

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