Friday, July 9, 2010

Wind Blown

Super windy today so hence the title. I had put together this combo inspired by a photo in the Victoria's Secret catalog. They were selling a long crochet vest and I even ordered it but returned it back as it didn't feel worth the $60 price. Bought this similar top from F21 for much much less of course. I have worn this peachy pink tee a few times before but always forget to photo its lattice back. Finally remembered today although today's outfit doesn't even show the back of the tee! These shorts are great with their silky fabric but the waist is so loose and when I tie its self tie I felt it is too bulky so I pulled the bow to the side a bit. Even though the colors don't go much I wore the lavendar and blue doll necklace as it really stands out from this combo and adds sweetness.

White crochet vest - F21
Pink lattice back tee - F21
Silky army green shorts - F21
Ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret
Doll necklace - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Absolutely lazy and boring day today. It was super windy and cold in the morning so we didn't do anything. My son is easy to entertain with coloring, puzzle or music but my daughter is very hard at 17 mos old. She gets bored easily and wants a different activity. She eats the crayons or the puzzle pieces so you can't have her involved at the same time. It was tough. After naps we played on the grass a bit but it was still too windy for the beach. Planning to go visit some other relative or friends this afternoon. Posting early since there was some downtime.


  1. Love the vest. You look lovely. And that's funny about your daughter eating crayons! My son LOVES to eat crayons!!

  2. oh I love the sandals! I've been eyeing sandals like these! You look GREAT :)

    Tracy, The Wardrobe Wanderer


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