Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scarf Top

I was given this beautiful silk scarf top as a gift last year. Wore it with brown leggings and gold flat sandals. This year decided to try something new by pairing them over shorts. First tried on jean shorts but they were too bulky and too short so the top looked like an odd dress. These khaki shorts I think were a better match. I love the colors of the top's design. There are pinks, reds, light green, cream and brown and this bright blue. To play those colors chose this pink and blue choker which was again a gift that I have never worn. Finished it off with brown and gold slipper sandals.

Silk scarf top - gift from a friend from her Boutique in Turkey
Khaki Shorts - J Crew
Gold slipper sandals - Chinese Laundry
Beaded choker - handmade from Turkey

Today's Activities:  Since my daughter is sick from her stomach she is not allowed to swim. so, we left her at home and took my son to a short beach outing. His new passion is now to swim and jump from the pier ladder. Not that he jumps high but he gets a kick out of his low jump and creating a splash. After naps my uncle and cousin came for a visit. It is always tough to entertain the kids and fill up the hours in the afternoon before dinner time when we don't do a second beach outing. My husband took them for a walk and throwing rocks off another pier near by. We had friends over for dinner than more friends and family joined at night for drinks and a card game.

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