Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Touches

This is a very basic casual outfit. Just shorts and a tee. To make it a bit more interesting I added a shell necklace and a handmade belt made from a scarf. In the following days you will see me using this same belt as a head scarf. I got it once again from a street vendor. I love street vendors! :)
This is the second time I am wearing this tee and once again I forgot to take a photo of its back. It has a super cute lattice back which makes it bit more interesting than a basic tee. I also love its soft peachy pink shade color. The shorts are very thin denim so very comfortable for summer. Finished off the look with rose gold flip flops with a silk rose detail. Also wearing my mother's day gift bracelet. Unfortunately due to flash you can't see but it has my two kids names and on the back of each coin their birthdates. Photos are taken inside the house since it was late and dark already. Standing next to a painting by my artist stepdad.

Pink lattice back tee - Forever 21
Thin denim shorts - JeiWeil  in Turkey
Handmade scarf/belt - street vendor in Turkey
Shell necklace - Mom's
Rose gold flip flops - BCBGirls (TJ Maxx)

Today's Activities: It was my husband's last day here ! :( And since my daughter is still recovering from her stomach flu we left her at home with my mom and took my son to a hip beach club. We were worried he would be the only kid there since this club as we heard is only attended by young partying people and turns into a full blown club at night. To our surprise shortly after we arrived more and more people with kids filled up the club. It is on one of the most beautiful bay's of the summer town. Completely calm waters that are just georgous shades of light blues. My son loved to swim out on his own and climb the pier ladder to jump and swim back. We also realized how much easier it is when you have just one kid who is 3 years old. Had lunch at the club and came back with him falling a sleep in the car. In the afternoon my aunt and cousin came from Istanbul and we had a nice dinner together. Eveyrone went to bed early as my husband has to leave the house by 5 AM!

Here is my son climbing that ladder at the beach club... Check out  the color of the water...

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  1. Love the pic with your son in it. Perfect setting.


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