Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bazaar Warrior

I know I got inspired for this combo from a fellow blogger or a photo in a magazine but can't remember which. The glitter tank with the thin denim shorts is cute but an expected pairing, however adding a brown belt and tan colored shoes makes it interesting. And I have to admit I took off the shoes after the photo shoot and put on brown flip flops for majority of the time when I was with the kids then put them back on when going out at night.  I used hardly any jewelry. Just the all black watch which goes great with the black writing on the tank top and the thin evil eye bracelet on a red satin string.

'Back to Rock' Tank - From Turkey - LC Waikiki
Thin Denim Shorts - From Turkey - Jei WEIL
Brown Belt - Limited
Black watch - from bazaar in Turkey
Evil eye bracelet on red string - from Turkey
Tan sandals with gold studs - Michael Kors (from TJ Maxx)

Today's Activities: Went to the beach by myself with the kids. Had a good time with a friend there.  The water was beautiful and flat. Brought back the kids and left with my mom to the saturday bazaar again. Probably our last time so we shopped our hearts out. Even managed to find an authantic Anna Sui top! You have to search for 30 minutes before finding those one of a kind pieces of course so not that easy in the boiling heat. But, mom and I are experts at this so walked away with great stuff. After we got home we hosted a playdate. Kids had a blast running around and had a chance to chat and drink tea. After the kids went to bed went to my mom's cousin's house to chat and play cards.

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