Friday, August 13, 2010

Pop of Coral

This was an outfit I wore day before last we got on the plane. We went to a big kid party. Since I will be parting closets with my mom decided to wear something from her closet while I had easy access. I loved this dress because of the peaking black lace underneath. The black and white design was the perfect base to use a pop of color. I would have gone bolder, possibly purple or hot pink but this coral red belt and necklace combo was the only thing I had with me. Shoes was another problem. I had nothing that really went. These wedges are my mom's and they are very worn out but it was the only thing that worked. If I was home and had full access would have come up with something better but oh well...

Had no opportunity for a photo shoot so just using the photos taken with my cutie pie at the party...
Dress - Mom's (forever 21 I think)
Coral stretch belt - Anthropologie
Coral Necklace - Charlotte Rousse
Black wedges - Bebe Sport
Sunglasses - Channel

I am back in the States finally. Confession, spent the first entire day in my nightgown un packing and organizing. I actually got dressed up today to run stupid errands trying to activate my ATM, Credit card and cell phone but had no time for photos.


  1. Your daughter is adorable. Coral is a change from red. Must try this combo.

  2. I love your daughter's skirt, so adorable! Love your dress as well!


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