Monday, August 9, 2010

Harem Pant Jumper

I actually had slightly different plans for this jumper. I was going to wear it with my denim vest but realized I had already sent the vest back to the States with my husband so had to just wear it as is with belt and necklace only. This is mom's and thought it is very different that I should wear it once for the blog. It is quite comfy to move in. The harem pants are a little weird for me to get used to but the fabric is sheery and airy. Wanted to anchor the flowery bright colors with solid browns with the shoes belt and necklace.

Harem Pant Jumper - Mom's (From Turkey)
Belt - from Turkey (came with a skirt)
Shoes - Mom's - Report
Leather and coin Necklace - Handmade from Turkey
Navy/gold bracelet - from a Bazaar in Turkey

Sunday's Activities: Went to the beach in the AM but it was already getting too crowded. My girl cousin and her husband joined us and the kids had fun swimming with them. After naps we said good-bye to them and had a mini music session at home while my uncle played his mini drum set with the kids. Decided to go to the beach again as it was too hot to do anything else. This time my boy cousin and uncle and aunt came along. The beach and the sea was way too crowded though. Sunday's are not great as all the weekenders come and crowd all the beaches. Afterwards we BBQ'd fresh fish at home and had a family dinner. Kids said good bye to uncle and cousin as they head off for the city for the work week. Only couple more days now before we head back...

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