Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swim Suit Edition

Finally decided what the heck and posting my swim suit photos. This is my favorite. Bought it this year from the most famous swim suit maker in Turkey. The style is so different and I love the simple colors. But what I love the most is even though it looks super fancy and couture it is the most comfortable swim suit I own. It stays put on the botton and top. The middle strap is made out of the same swim suit material and you tie it to fit your body. I have a huge scar due to a complicated birth with my daughter so I have to wear a style like this where my scar in the middle is covered. However, my upper body (torso) is shorter compared to my height and legs so the middle connecting piece always seems to sag on me when I sit. Not this suit, it fits and stays put like a gove. The top has very light built in pads that keeps its shape.

Cover photo was taken on the boat. The photos below were taken by my husband when we went to a hip beach club together... You can see I styled the suit with earings and bangles.

Swim Suit - Zeki Triko
Wooden strawberry earings - gift from Mom from Turkey
Black and hot pink resin bangles - from Turkey
Sun Glasses - Channel

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  1. Did you really give birth to two children? Please, please give me your workout and diet routine. I'm envious.


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