Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blue with animal prints

This blouse was a b-day gift from my mother in-law. It is cute and I wanted to wear it while we were visiting them this weekend. Tried to come up with a way to make it less cutesy and more hip. Figured animal print always looks great against blue. Got this belt on Thursday from TJ maxx for $14 and it was perfect with this blouse. Although it is a bit too matchy couldn't resist adding the same animal print heart necklace and my animal print wedge platform heels. Although I have to add I switched to blue/black flip flops when we went to the park.

This is where my husband joked 'what are you doing to that tree?' :)

Blue ruffle front blouse - Macy's
Black Shorts - Forever 21
Stretch and animal print belt - Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx)
Animal print charm necklace - Betsey Johnson
Animal print wedges - BCBGirls
Watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Drove after dinner to Ventura County (north of LA) to visit my in-laws. Although the kids did great sleeping on the drive up, my daughter woke up shortly after we arrived and would not go back to sleep and cried on and off the rest of the night. It was supposed to be super hot so we left early to feed the ducks at a nearby pond at a beautiful park. It had a creek that went next to two playgrounds. Kids did not seem to mind the heat and loved playing and feeding the ducks (see photo below). When we got home to cool off we had them swim in the not so heated jacuzzi tub. After a hearty lunch and nap we left again this time to another park to watch a live performance of Peter Pan performed by a gypsy group. Even my 18 month old sat through the whole thing totally engaged. My mother in law packed a yummy picnic for us to snack on while watching the show. We had the guys take the kids to the park while running some last minute errands than had a nice dinner at home. Before bed time Grandpa took out all his musical instruments and had a family jam session which the kids loved.

Here I am with my daughter feeding ducks at the creek.


  1. I love Leopard print soooo much! It looks great with the tourquios!

  2. Have bee catching up with your outfits. Never thought of trying blue with animal prints.

  3. Your legs look great lady! Love those shorts!

  4. Thank you Ladies.

    nmaha, thank you so much for all the comments on the previous posts as well. I have not figured out how to respond to a comment so hope you get this.


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