Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunshine Award

Thank you to Kimberellie of Kimberelli Miss Furnellie who has given me this award a few days ago.
I always admire her exteremly creative and very budget friendly looks but my utmost favorite is her writing. She has great talent and I will be the first one to purchase her book when she is published.

Her one requirement was that I answer the following question:
"What's your favourite pair of underwear, and why?"

I am g-string/thong kind of girl. I am so used to them at this point that if I wear anything different I keep tugging at it. I love how they are barely there and absolutely no lines.

Now to pass on the love... She has given this award to a few people I would also consider (Natasha at required2beinspired,  Jacinta at MODELmumma and Sophiasa) so I will skip them...I have also given this award in the past to a few other of my favotire blogs (E from District of Chic, Diya from In her Stilettos and Lida from Fashionista Talk) so I will skip them as well.

Here are the other people I would like to pass on this award to that I have not awarded before:
Collette from Statements in Fashion because her outfits are amazing and she has great sense of humor
Bee from Atlantic-Pacific because I truly love her style
Christa from enSTYLEpedia because she has truly useful tips and hints with a humorous delivery.

I don't really have any requirements...

Ah yes, putting links in really sucks, a lot of work...


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog in here...I always feel the same when I'm passing on awards..I always check to see who else the person has passed the award on to (so that I don't duplicate) and it seems almost every time that person has also passed it on to you (with good reason of course)...

  2. thank you so much! i appreciate you mentioning my blog as well! i am all about mama's working their mommy style and you are a shining example of that!


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