Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shere Khan

I wasn't going to post today and was just going to wear a previously worn outfit. I always wear an orange tee or teal tee with orange scarf with these pants. But as I was searching for my orange tee, I saw this tiger tee I got in Turkey on a street for 5TL which is like $3.50 and have never worn it. Then started adding some more black like shoes and scarf to go with the black tiger print. The utility jacket was a good match over these pants. Felt it was blog worthy at this point. The title comes from one of my son's favorite movies 'The Jungle book'. It is the name of the tiger if you are not familiar with the movie(s). My son loves it when I wear animal or disney character print clothing.
These pants have tapered cuffs that are suppose to be tight around your calves. But my legs are too skinny so I had to fold them once to creat that tight look.
You see how I am supporting the summer's curly hair still. I boought this leave in night time hair treatment and it actually helps with frizz that builds up during the day from humdity. So, when I wake up in the morning it is non frizzy which is great. It is L'Oreal's.

Camo Pants - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Tiger Tee - From Turkey
Utility shirt/jacket - Gap
Black shiffon scarf with fringes - from Turkey gift from my cousin
Black strappy ankle cuff sandals - Boutique 9 (
Black watch and ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: I am missing my hubby more and more everyday. We are supposed to start talking via skype tomorrow so that should be good. Got the kids and myself ready and headed to the preschool class. Pack leftover for lunch now and heat and feed them at the picnic tables outside right after class so they are ready for nap as soon as we get home. Has been working pretty good. Planning on a playdate at a friend's house in the afternoon. Will be doing some water activities for the kids since it is still warm here. Will be meeting parents and my mom's cousin for dinner then meeting my friend at home for some more True Blood episode catch-up.


  1. Love look comfy and chic!!
    Hop eyou get to talk to hubby soon!!!

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  2. Oh that shirt is FABULOUS. Love it! And you watch True Blood? Us too. So much fun!

    heart: Kimberellie


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