Saturday, October 2, 2010

Strutting in a leather mini

This obviously is my night outfit. I have been wanting to try this one as it has been on my list since last spring. First I wore this with my black pencil skirt and it looked nice. But then thought why am I being too conservative? My inspiration photo (which I forgot to photograph) had a mini skirt, so I said why not and put on the leather mini. And my does it feel good to wear a mini skirt. Especially since I won't be bending down or running after kids it was perfect. My mom scored this awesome leather mini from a thrift store and bought it as a gift to me couple years ago. Worn it once. But, now that the leather is in I plan to wear it more often (at least to non kid dressy events). I bought this electric blue jacket when I was pregnant. Now, not sure why I thought this would make a good pregnancy jacket as it is crop but apparently it did. It is size large but still fits OK, so I kept it in my closet instead of transferring it to my pregnany bin. Since the jacket has gold buttons and so does my purse I went with a gold purse and cuffs that have gold in them.

Photos taken at my girlfriend's backyard. The dog in the couple shots is Barcley (her dog).

I always get comments from followers wanting to check out a store I listed an item from. So from now on I am going to indicate whether the item is new or old you guys don't waste your time searching for something  that was bought years ago...

Electric Blue crop Jacket - Closet (old)
Tee - Target (old)
Leather Mini - BCBG (old - thrifted)
Platform peep toe patent leather heels - Steven by Steve Madden (old)
Necklace and Gold cuff - Charlotte Russe (new!)
Blue and gold cuff - from Turkey
Purse - Chloe (took out the padlock as it is too heavy) (old)

Today's Activities: Went out the breakfast with the kids with my mom and step dad and then went to an art stroll in a coastal neighborhood (Del Mar) afterwards. I try to engage the kids in appreciating art by pointing things that will peek their interest in the paintings and mention how the artist made the item or painted it etc... My son got very excited when we found a lion print so we bought it. Had lunch there and returned in time for naps. My in laws arrived for the weekend to help me out while my husband is gone. They entertained the kids after naps while I paid the bills and got ready. Left the kids with them (around 5 PM) and went out with my two girlfriends to a restaurant closing party with free appetizers and discounted drink specials. We had to wait in line for a while but the yummy food was worth it. Excpet one of the girl's is very picky so she didn't eat much. We went to another restaurant so she can have dinner. It was a nice night and I was back by 9 PM!

Here I am with the kids at the art stroll. Wore a combo I wore a few weeks back. My tie print tee has pink polka dots so that fulfilled my pink for the day I thought. Of course you can't see the tee in this photo but trust me I wore it. If all else fails my daughter is bound to have some pink on her on any given day anyway! :)


  1. I'm pretty certain that even though the pink on the tee isn't all that prominent the pink in your daughter's pants and shoes work perfectly! :) Love it!

    And you look super hot in that leather mini!

  2. You go girl!!! Love the leather mini on you:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  3. What a great skirt! I also love your hair in these pictures!

  4. Those shoes are phenom. I love the bright blue and leather together, too!

  5. You were definately strutting it in the leather mini! Who says being a parent means you can't dress up? Sloppy people, that's who. LOVE your style!

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  7. You look incredibly sexy in the skirt.


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