Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Easy does it

Super casual today... Was going to be in the car to and back from Los Angeles so wanted to wear something comfy. I do like the unexpected pop of color the teal leggings add. Although the t-shirt is a bit too short to wear on top of leggings on its own but I was in air conditioned environment most of the day so kept the cardigan on. That is the thing you can wear whatever on top of yoga pants but leggings that definitely require full tunic length. I have to remember that.

Striped wrap around cardigan - Forever 21
Zebra Tee - Forever 21
Teal leggings - Victoria's Secret
Converses -

Today's Activities: Drove to and back from LA with my Dad for his Dr appointment. Kids were at my mom's. Picked them up after naps and went over to my friend's house for some pumpkin carving/painting and pizza dinner.  My husband was in LA for the day for work too so he came and joined us on his way back. Unfortunately we left the pumpkin carving till after dinner and the kids were too tired. We prep'd our pumpkins but will be carving them tomorrow night.
Here are some photos of my daughter trying to help...


  1. What a lovely little assistant you have! Dig the Chucks!

  2. Awww, I want to carve a pumpkin! And I want that amazing sweater of yours! The length and stripes are dazzling!

  3. Love this look. That sweater is gorgeous. and the shirt is super fun!

    and pumpkin carving--that's tomorrow night for us! So excited!

    heart: Kimberellie

  4. İ love this combo although the shirt is short it still looks awesome bec. the stripes of the zebra matches with the cardigan so beautifully. İ need those teal leggings where did you get them? Juliet is so cute helping and her little toes are cuter than everything!!!


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