Sunday, October 24, 2010

Black and White

So, once again I forgot to photo my inspriation photo but you might recognize this look from the 'true religion' ads in magazines. I love the all black and white look and love wearing my white jeans in fall/winter.  The lacey top and the fringe scarf add a bit of softness to the otherwise rugged look. I could have gone with a black leather motorcyle jacket but this cardi was more comfy to move around in with kids today. This lacey top actually has a super cute hem but it looked better tucked in so the black belt can be seen for this outfit. For jewelry I went with silver fringe rhinestone earings and an all black watch.

Photos taken by husband very quickly before we headed out in the am...

Finally got my hair the way I wanted today... Of course it happenned to be a misty rain day so it was frizzy shortly after. :(
I have spent so much on hair products trying to get my hair healthy. I guess I need to wait so the products can show their effect but I am so impatient. Achieved this style with flat ironning the top half of each section and curling the bottom half using the new spiral (no clamp) curlers. 

Everything today is old...

White lacey top - Victoria's Secret Catalog
White fringe scarf - boutique in La Jolla (San Diego)
Cardigan - Guess
White Skinny Jeans & Earings - Forever 21
Black leather belt - Ralph Lauren
Military boots - Steve Madden
Watch - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Rough night with daughter up a good part of the night just wanting to play. Woke up very very tired. Love the weekends though cause my husband is home and I love doing stuff as a family. Plus it is really nice to have a second set of hands with kids. Went to a 'Fall Harvest Festival' with the kids in the morning. Met our other parent friends there. My dad joined us too. It was misty and rainy but kids never seem to care about the weather. They loved the jumpy's, the magic show and running around. Did a couple cute craft projects as well. So, apparently if I can get my son to eat lunch than play afterwards it allows his system to work and he goes to the bathroom than he can nap. Will try this again tomorrow and see if it works again. I told you I am in denial of letting the naps go.
So of course they napped really late and my daughter woke up cranky and not feeling great so we couldn't go to the hallowee party we had in our plans. Instead took them over to mom's house for an hour to play and kill time. Fed them dinner there and came home and I immediatley got dressed and left to meet my girlfriend for ballet. See ballet photo post tomorrow...or later today if I have time...


  1. you look cute as usual! can't wait for the ballet photos!

  2. Love black and white and love your hair . You are bright even with these colors in these gloomy days we have been having.


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