Sunday, October 24, 2010

Layering Lace

Got inspired for this look from the layering lacey pieces article in a magazine:

I have a lot of lace pieces in my closet so always looking for ways to layer and wear them together. The dress if you remember was a steal from a Turkish Bazaar for approx $20. It is lined and made out of stretch material so very comfy. Although realized when you wear it with tights the lining sticks to the tights while the top lace part rides up, so a bit annoying. I layered my short sleeve black lace blouse on top. Instead of the predictable white tights wanted to add grey to the mix so chose dark charcoal grey tights and this super old grey cardigan in my closet. I must have tried 5 different grey tops and this was the only one that worked. I got this years ago for work and it had been sitting in my closet for at least 4 years untouched. Piling up on grey, added grey patent ankle boots and grey tote. You hardly see me pose with purses since I always carry the same wallet/purse and my daiper bag purse. But, when I go out without kids on those rare occasions I get to pull out a purse/clutch from my rich but unused collection in my closet. Since the grey was heavy, to bring out the black in the lace blouse I went with big onyx black and silver ring and the rocker bracelets. The ruffle front of the blouse was busy enough so didn't want to add any earings or necklaces.

Couple blogging observations: Since I started blogging I use the black, brown, navy and grey as a staple color and always mix and match them against the old fashion rules. If  the outfit has black accents love adding a brown or grey or navy or vice versa. It keeps it interesting and more blog worthy. I also now never wear an item on its own. So, when my mom showed me a great dress she coveted in a thrift store I immediately asked 'how are you going to wear it?' thinking what kind of top, belt, scarf will she add. Made me smile when my mom answered 'with shoes'. Oh yeah, I guess you could just wear the dress by itself. Funny I never do that anymore. :)

Photos taken by my best friend in front of the small theater we went to see the ballet performance...

Everything is old again...

Lace Dress - From Turkey
Lace blouse & bracelets - Forever 21
Grey charcoal tights - not sure
Grey patent ankle boots - From Turkey
Grey patent tote - D&G
Ring - from Turkey (gift)

Activities: This was the outfit from last night when I went to see a ballet performance with my girlfriend. San Diego Ballet was celebrating its 25 years so they had this coolest hanging of old ballet shoes on a black velvet frame. Loved it. (see photos below). I absolutely love ballet which is why I love anything with tulle and pink. After the performance we went to a hotel bar near by for some calamari and cosmo's.

Sunday went to Sea World trick or treating with friend and kids and mom, followed by cookie and pumpkin decorating at home...


  1. I love that you layered a lace top over a lace dress...sooo cute..
    It's funny how blogging opens our eyes to so many more options...I love it!!

  2. I absolutely adore your whole outfit!!! You did a great job layering, everything pulls together wonderfully! love that ring from Turkey! When I go to Georgia I am definitely bringing back some black onyx jewelry. Our regions must be rich in onyx...
    Hope you and your friend had fun at the ballet!

  3. p.s.
    LOL, I know exactly what you mean by having to carry diaper bag! Mine are only 19 mos apart (our daughter was a surprise child!) and at some point I had two in diapers! Well, just try to enjoy motherhood. Each stage has its own challenges.
    You are beautiful stylish!!!

  4. wow you look just awesome all in grey. the booties with the tights is esp. nice.

    heart: Kimberellie

  5. This gray and lace on lace is looking great and goes very well with your coloring. great job putting it all together. You have been inspring me a lot and i am living in my closet trying to put things together today! Thanks.


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