Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Hot or too much?

So, needless to say I did not wear this outfit first part of the day (at the pumpkin patch!). But, I did wear it in the afternoon. I have to admit even I was a bit self conscious in this get-up. Especially walking into my Dr's office. I wasn't sure though how long my appointment would last so wanted to be ready in case I went straight to dinner from there. Stole this look straight out of the Victoria's Secret catalog, without actually purchasing any of the items listed in the photo:

You can barely see the lace stockings she has under the denim shorts but they are there. To minimize the shock of black lace (fishnets in my case) I wore the thigh high boots so they are mostly covered. Of course not like the thigh high boots in themselves are not shocking. I thought these stockings were lace but they were patterned fishnets (got them from Turkey in the summer). I will need to obtain a lace pair as well. Got this red crop coat/jacket from a thrift store. It is F21 piece which would be already cheap but thrifted it was only $14. It shows no age. It has a red polka dot on black lining which is so cute. Same thrift store had another gorgeous jacket same style that was Guess and I did like that better but that was $40 and I just didn't want to spend the money. Since there is enough going on between the bright red color, the fishnets and thigh high boots I wore no accessories.

Red Coat - Thrifted Forever 21
B/W Flannel Shirt - Target
Cut off shorts - TJ Maxx
Patterned fishnet stockings - from Turkey
Thigh high boots - Charlotte Russe

Today's Activities: Wore the same tops but with skinny jeans and ugg boots this morning to our outdoor preschool class field trip to a local and small pumpkin patch. The kids had a blast enjoying all the rides (see photos below) and the jumpy's and giant slides. Had our packed lunch there and headed home for naps (son did not nap again) afterwards, packed them up and dropped them off at my mom's to go to my Dr's appointment. Then met my husband for a dinner and a movie date unfortunately the new Matt Damon movie (hereafter) was horribly slow and unsuspenful. Oh well, it was still nice to be out.


  1. Can't decide between sexy and cute!

    Your daughter sits on rides on her own?WOW!

  2. I really like this look...it the perfect mixture of sexy and casual!

  3. So sexy lady! I NEED those boots!

  4. Wow İ love this look it is indeed very sexy and desplayed so casual that red doesn t secream. By the way the red jacket looks just like the YSL jacket İ have they make great clothes for a fraction of a price!

  5. You look INCREDIBLE in this outfit!!! I love it....Id totally wear all of this in a heartbeat!!!

    Way to go sexy lady!!!

  6. I think you look wonderful. This is your style and it will encourage other women to try a more fashion forward look. The newswomen on TV are wearing this style, even Katie Couric! I predict you'll buy a leather pair by next fall and wear them with dresses.


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