Saturday, October 16, 2010

Like a ray of sunshine

Although I like this combo I am not that excited about it cause I wore this last year, just either never blogged about it or never took a photo.  I like the all black with the huge pop of color from the yellow scarf and touch of interest with the animal print ballet flats. I added more glam with the big vintage looking earings and the sparkly cuff bracelet.

Black tee - Target
Skinny cut jeans - Rock Republic
Black Cardigan - Guess
Yellow Scarf - Mom's
Animal print ballet flats - Paola
Cuff bracelet and earings - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Yeay, it is the weekend and my husband is here. We went to a pretty early b-day party at a park at 10 AM. Had fun since a lot of friends were there and kids enjoyed the huge park and playing in the sand with their friends. Came home for naps and now 3 days in a row my son did not nap. God, I think he is dropping the nap and it is scary I just hope I can continue the quiet time possibly for at least until my daughter no longer naps. In the afternoon we had my parents and mom's cousins stop by to see the house. Then I took the kids to Sea World by myself for trick or treating and gave my husband a break. My son insisted he wears his thick dino costume. He looked so cute. My sister joined us later and we watched the elmo show and the seal halloween show. Had dinner there and came home just in time for bed time.

Here I am with the kids at the B-day party, fighting to get all the frosting off of the plastic animals they got from the cake...


  1. Are you wearing fishnets with those fabulous flats? Too cool!

  2. I really love the last pic of you walking! You look so fierce! And gosh be gosh your kidlings are SO cute!

    oh, and I hope too that he isn't dropping his nap! Nap time is essential!!

    heart: Kimberellie

  3. LOVE LOVE the scarf..what a pretty cheerful look great hunnie:)

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  4. amazing yellow scarf!! looks great on you. i really like your hair too. I wish my hair was naturally wavy!!


  5. Love this sunshine outfit it is perfect for all the gloomy days we have been having her in sunny San diego!! the earrings are perfect match and the animal print flats are a surprise from the forest!


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