Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rocker Chic

So, this is the last costume post I swear. Although this feels more like a real outfit than a costume but I am a bit too old for this dress in normal life so it is a costume for me. This dress was in my 'evening gown' bin from who knows when. May be the early college years. I am sure I bought it cause of the tulle underlay. This wasn't as mini as yesterday's outfit and the tulle weighs it down but I wore shorts underneath to be comfortable just in case. The black fishnets amazingly kept me warm. Of course I switched out the juicy booties for uggs after the party before the trick or treating walk.
The stacked up cuffs and bracelets will be my new thing. I have been accumulating pieces that go together so this was not a cosumte look perse. And I really like the two shorter necklaes stacked up like this. Might wear this again in normal life. The biker leather jacket which is back in style is also from my either college or highschool days. I had this packed up to give away and my mom saved it for me. She makes me thank her for keeping it now that it is totally in style.

To make up for the non real outfit posts for the last 3 days I figure I would talk about my inspirations...
You see for the last 3 days I have been browsing through catalogs and adding many more outfit combos to my list. I now use clothing store catalogs as inspiration photos instead of shopping from them. My favorites are Victoria's Secret, Anthropologi and JCrew. Although in the past I have also liked Urban Outfitters and Ann Taylor.
Sometimes I copy the whole outfit with similar pieces I already own. Sometimes it is a different way of wearing something such as shorts with tights, or a shawl worn with a belt. Sometimes it is the color combination, such as pink with orange, lavendar with hunter green or dark tights with bronze shoes etc...
When I see a photo in these catalogs or magazine that inspire me I do a few things:
1. I write my own version of the outfit right on the page.
2. I cut out the photo and save with my other inspiration photos.
3. Add the combo to my excel outfit combo list and mark it as dressy or casual and according season (fall for lighter, winter for warmer).
Just wanted to share...

Went to my best friend's house for a halloween party in the afternoon Lots of kids and a lot of fun. When it got dark we all went trick or treating as a group in their neighborhood. My son was so into it. He would not let us empty out his goodie bag even when it got so heavy. He actually wouldn't even let us look into it. My daughter took a while to get how it worked. She cried the first house when she grabbed 5 candy bars and I had her put back 4 thinking this was her only chance to get candy. Then she realized what was going on. We took our wagon and when they got tired they would sit and eat a candy. The group wheeled a huge cooler full of drinks for us adults. We stopped when they got very tired and made it home just by bedtime.

Here is my best friend and the host of the party:

Our annual Halloween family photo (I have been taking one since my son's first to compile a halloween photo album for when they grow up)...

My mom and step dad were there as well...

And my dad came right before trick or treating to walk with us...



  1. Cool jacket...great costume...everyone looks awesome:)

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  2. wow! You are really having lots of fun this Halloween, don't you! I like all your costumes, but this and the 50's one are my favorites.

  3. Wow you look quite sexy in this outfit!! I love it...and yes it's something that could be worn in real life too.

  4. İ think you still ccan puul this cool otfit at a party noine will suspect your age! it looks great with aall the accesories. You mom and step dad also looks very cool as vampires! and the kids are adorable as usual.

  5. That costume totally rocks! And I LOVE the piled up arm candy!

  6. Awesome costume. Love, love, love all the accessories!!!

    Love Lida


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