Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Country Charm

Given our ridicilous warm weather front I had to come up with an outfit from my fall collection by combinning two different combinations. One was plaid shirt with skinny jeans, brown cardigan boots and a red belt. Too warm for our weather. The other plaid shirt, winter shorts, rugged boots and tights and jean jacket. So we have this as a result: No tights, denim shorts, boots with socks and a belt. Since the shirt was long sleeve I rolled them up. I tried to scrunch up the socks over the boots but they kept falling so I did this fold over them. And I think they kind of look cool like a red trim. Notice also how I did the half tuck again. To give it a bit country charm without going over board just put on thin loop earings.

Red/black plaid shirt - Gap
Cut off shorts - TJ Maxx
Red ankle socks - we love colors
Rugged boots - Steve Madden
Belt - Limited
Rose Gold hoops - Betsey Johnson
Watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: As you can tell from the title and the following photos we went to a real farm/pumpkin patch as a field trip with our preschool class. The temp was in the 90s we were baking but the kids did not seem to mind. There was so much to do. So much in fact we didn't even realize a whole section in the back that consisted of large toy trucks in a huge sand hill, play houses in a gated section and a whole playground in the back. My son loved the hay maze and the cotton seed hill where they had sleds for kids to slide on. He also became really good friends with one of the girls and they did everything together from that point on. My mom came with us. It was our turn to bring snack for the whole class. Our snack of cheese slices, cinnamon pretzel sticks and sweet (red, orange, yellow) mini bell peppers was a huge hit. Everyone kept asking where I got them which was all from Costco. After this long and tiring trip somehow the kids did not nap! My daughter only slept in the car but woke up when we got home. My son acted like he had a shot of red bull the whole ride back and in the house. We stayed home in the afternoon and my dad and sister came to hang out.

This was at the enterance:

Love this green truck:

These wooden cows, actually were set-up so kids can practice milking a cow (they were filled with water):

My son loved this:

Here is a closeup of me and the kids. Notice my wallet/purse that I never take off....

Not something we are used to seeing in Coastal San Diego:

 Here is the cotton seed hill:

Here is my son announcing the snack he brought to share:

On the Hay Ride with my mom:


  1. What a fun day, your kids are adorable.:D

    Loving the red top.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I love it. Cute, cute, cute! The boots are perfection. I think you can go without socks too.


    November Grey

  3. You look so chic! I love the pics of you and your kids x

  4. That is the perfect outfit for the occasion! I love how the shirt matches the pop of red in the socks!!

  5. Awww....such cute pics!!! Loving the plaid with the denim..and your socks in the boots are perfect!

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  6. super cute pics with kids. mom looks so young too! you must have gotten her genes :)
    cute outfit and the those boots!!! i want them!!!!
    glad you had fun, enjoy the weather. it's now cooled off here in Tn. finally, feels like Fall.

  7. You are so stinking cute! I love the look, and the pictures of you with your kids are darling. :)

    I've been having a hard time incorporating my fall wardrobe into our warm days, too. Love this idea.

  8. Love that fabulous shirt! I have a dress in a very similar plaid!

  9. This is such a perfect outfit for visiting the pumpkin patch! I love your plaid shirt@!


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