Thursday, November 4, 2010


So this is the outfit on my list, but you will see at the bottom how I only could wear it without the jacket and flats instead of heels. It is just too hot. But look how cool it looks with this  cropped navy blazer. This blazer just works with so many outfits, I love it. I also did a back photo so you an see it laces up in the back. Found this silver glitter striped tank on a $5 rack in Charlotte Russe. It is one of those great layering pieces. Super thin and light too. These denim leggings are growing on me. As long as I wash them after every wear they seem to sag less. The bib necklace is my favorite. I ordered it in gold tones as well. It is such a statement piece that I didn't want to wear any other jewelry. These ruffle zipper heels I think look great with the look but of course had to switch to (silver) ballet flats for a more realistic look with the kids.

 Discovered if I do my photos during nap time the light is much better. But sometimes my outfit is already too worn or dirty by noon so doesn't always work...

Here is the lace up back:

My attempts on a 'walking' shot. A little hard to pull off with a tripod:

Crop navy blazer jacket - Forever 21
Silver knit tank with glitter stripes - Charlotte Russe
Denim leggings - Guess
Ruffle zipper heels - Madden Girl by Steve Madden
Bib necklace - Forever 21
Silver ballet flats (see below) - Mia

See the flats?

They are so worn out and I really should give them away but not until I can replace them with a new pair of silver flats. They seem to come handy a lot more than you could imagine.

Today's Activities: Classic thursday of swim class in the am, music class in the pm. Except had a really rough night with my son again (woke up 4 times) that I was so sleep deprived and snappy. So much that when my mom offerred to take the kids I said no cause I didn't have the energy to pack them up and drive them. She was a life saver when she offerred to come to get them. I enjoyed absolute quietness for an hour late afternoon. It is something I haven't had for so long. When my husband came home he enjoyed playing video games whie I read blogs over beers. For those without kids this sounds so boring but parents will relate that doing such activity before bedtime is quite a vacation. We had dinner totally late (8 PM) and went out for ice cream. I lined up ton of errands and tasks for tomorrow before I pick them up. I love them and miss them but it is nice to have a mini break like this sometimes. What is even better is kids look at going to their house as a total treat. They were utterly excited when they left although did not stop my son from giving me the 3rd degree on where I was going to go and what I was going to do while he was there. He is so like me that it scares me.


  1. I love both versions of this outfit! The jacket and necklace are amazing...and your legs look smokin in your leggings!

  2. I totally relate with you about the kids.It's super vacation if they are not at home for a while.Then you miss them terribly and wonder how life will be when they grow up and leave ...but hey!I got carried away again.great outfit and silver shoes rock

  3. I love this outfit - both versions!!!

    You look super stylish mama! That blazer is fantastic.

  4. That statement necklace is just fabulous!

  5. I really like it both ways - probably easier to run around after your kids in the flats though!

    Love that singlet darling x

  6. The necklace is the show stealer.

  7. Yes, you look so sexy in those ver worn flats. Cheers!


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