Monday, November 15, 2010

Babydoll pink

Not super crazy about this outfit. It is just OK. I do love the schiffon top and the argyle crop cardigan though. The ugg boots do not look the best but I just wanted to be comfy today.

This cardigan is very comfy. It has a hood that is lined with cream tulle. Just great detail. The hot pink scarf is from Turkey. It is very light and always stays perfectly crinkled. The pink bracelets were great at keeping my daughter distracted during my son's circle time at preschool.

This schiffon top is a great thrift find. I love the roses and the polka dots and the colors. It is too open on the fron though so wore a tank top underneath.

was too lazy to take off the cardigan completely so hiding it behind my back! :)

Schiffon top - Thrifted
Argyle crop cardigan - Forever 21
Skinny jeans - Closet
Boots - Ugg
Bracelets and scarf - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Monday mornings are always so rough. Never totally prepared to start the week it seems. Made it to preschool regardless and amazingly on time. Cooked and finished laundry while the kids napped. After they woke up my sister came to rescue from work and we ran a marathon of errands: Car wash, bank, dry cleaners, post office and grocery shopping all under 2.5 hours! Couldn't have done it if I couldn't leave the kids in the car with her most of these stops. Came home to dinner. My son figured how to open his room door so last night was another sleepless night for all of us. Tonight we put a latch on his door. Hoping we can somehow train him to stay in his room until morning before we all go insane.


  1. The pink scarf pulls it all together. Love.


    November Grey

  2. I love the cardigan. You look adorable. Oh, and children and not sleeping well...ugh no matter what you do, hey? I said to my husband today: "I just wish I could put him back in the womb for a break sometimes!"

    heart: Kimberellie

  3. Ahh monday's... just the same no matter where you are in the world. I love the top, what a great find. :)

  4. Helllooo pink:) Love the pattern mixing:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Have you heard about Twitter Tuesday?

  5. Ugh - why is it as soon as you think your child is sleeping through the night, something else happens?! lol

    I love the pattern mixing here - the argyle cardi is fantastic!

  6. İ love the pink top but not the cardigan with it really it takes away from your pretty face without the jacket it is showcasing you which is what an outfit should do. İ love the cardigan by itself though for sure. Hope Trevor sleeps he is in my prayers...

  7. Mommy you did it again!great pattern mix!


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