Friday, November 19, 2010

Swinging in the snow

I decided now I pretty much love anyoutfit when I wear these shoes. They are just so cool (I think so anyway). So, today is my attempt to follow the 'dressed up sweats' trend.

I wore many variations though the day. First it was with the scarf above. Then when I was indoors I ditched the scarf:

I got these absolutely adorable sweatshirt form F21. Don't you love the cute girl with red glasses swinging when snow is falling?

And here are my cool wedge booties with faux fur trim:

Today I decided to wear all my 'delicate' silver rings stacked and together. Each piece actuallin initself very unique. The one on my index with two hands, the hands pull back to reveal a heart. In the middle the top ring is the famous Turkish puzzle rings. I have it tied so it never comes loose. They are super hard to put back together. The heart with a dangling rose is a gift from my Grandpa. The gold and silver with blue stones is a gift from my mom.

And finally the third variation today was with a red peacoat. This is a F21 coat but I bought it from a thrift store so it was even cheaper ($14). It is lined with red polka dots on black satin. so pretty.

Red pea coat - Forever 21
Black wool shorts - Forever 21
Black tights - can't remember
Sweathirt - Forever 21
Wedge Booties - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Red Scarf - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Went to the thanksgiving potluck celebration at our indoor play area. It is also a gym school so as a bonus they did a 45 minute gym routine for the kids before lunch. Kids loved it. My daughter who is obsessed with monkey bars will be starting gym classes there starting January as a gift from my mom and step-dad. Both kids love the equipment. Lunch was good except my daughter does not eat much from the Thanksgiving menu. My son loves the turkey. When we got home my mom was waiting for us to watch the kids again during nap time so I can go to my dr's office. In the afternoon my friend came over for a playdate. While the kids were playing we played dress up getting ready and trying stuff for tomorrow night's clubbing event. Then my husband took my son to the 'Disney' store for a toy of his choice. He has been sleeping in his bed for 4 nights in a row and this was our promise to him.  I went to dinner with my daughter to my mom's.  I came home to find 5 stuffed toys from the Lion King movie. He was ecstatic.

Here is my daughter posing with me again...

And these are her solo blog poses. She went to the spot I was posing and waited for me to take the shots.!

I told her to laugh...

She is tyring variety in poses like I do. So funny.

On her the tutu skirt, ballet tights, 'princess' tee, black velour hoodie, black ugg style boots and the bracelets are all from Children's place. The flower silk hair pin is hand made by my friend.


  1. LOVE your wedge booties hunnie..and the top is just too dang cute:)
    I adore your daughter.....:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  2. I love those booties...I have a thing for anything with faux fur!
    Also that sweater is sooo cute!

  3. Great pics , so chic style ! Love this nice and glamour combination :)) The little princess is very cute !

  4. Love everything here! The rings look awesome stacked - love the sweatshirt with shorts and who doesn't love a wedge lace up bootie? (no one - that's who!)

  5. Love this outfit altogether and the booties are too cute but not as cute as The new little model she is cuter than anything!!

  6. Oh my word, those photos of your daughter are ADORABLE!!! Holy cuteness! My daughter is a bit older (3 1/2) but she's been doing the same thing, trying to pose with me. It's hysterical.

    You look great! That sweatshirt is way cute!


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