Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sequined Cargos

Another outfit I like today. Wore this at night going out with the girls. To make it kid and day friendly swapped the heels with military boots and the leather jacket (which is bulky) with a black cardigan. Didn't look as edgy but at least I didn't have to change outfits before going out.

So this combo was put together by just purchasing the sequin tank (for $7) and the boots (which were $120 but Juicy so pretty good for a Juicy I think). The rest is from my closet. Now, I would have liked my jacket to be less bulky and with less hardware and a bit more longer and the pants I wished were more skinny and straight but wasn't going to buy new ones when I had such similar items.

This leather jacket is from my college years. I remember it cost $100 and it was the most amazing thing I had purchased. I gave it away but my mom took it and kept it and now that 'motorcycle' jackets are in style she keeps reminding me about how I should not give away things like these... 

And here is the look when I took off the jacket:

Details: Could have gone with a black purse bur thought that would too predictable plus my  black purse has gold hardware which wouldn't have gone so here is the camel brown purse:

Here is a close up of my peep toe and open heel lace up boots. They were the greatest investment. They just bring up the trendiness factor when you pair them with any outfit. And the hiker boot soles make them very comfortable and walkable. 

Couple Observations:

Since I am on a no shopping rule this month it is really helping me curb back my purchase choices (things I save on a ‘wish list’). Since I have over 290 outfit ideas on my list for just Fall and Winter (granted there are not that many days in these seasons nor will it be cool enough in southern CA for that long anyway) I need to stop purchasing any more fall/winter items. I can however invest in a few accessory pieces like tights (I have some sheer polka dots on my list) and scarves. I can also purchase a party dress may be that can also be worn in spring/summer. All these 290+ combos in my list by the way are using existing pieces in my closet! It does help of course to start with an amazing closet inventory. It is the accumulation of years of shopping and trends always coming back. My husband said he has no idea how I know and remember so much of what I have own. I guess since I started blogging I have been organizing and going through my closet a lot. At least once every 2 months. This helps me remember the things I own. 

Navy Sequin Tank – Charlotte Russe
Green cargo pants – Bebe
Black Leather Jacket – the tag says 'contempo casuals' I want to say it was a store like Wet Seal
Lace up peep toe booties – Juicy Couture

Today’s Activities: I love Thursday morning. We don’t have to leave the house until 10:10 or so which allows me and the kids to lounge in PJs for the whole morning. My son gets to watch more TV than usual which he loves and my daughter gets to experiment (like filling every child cup with water and carrying it around). And I get to do projects (changing fish bowl water) and/or spend time on the computer (part of it looking for a job). Although this  morning I guess we lounged a bit too long and we were late for our swim class. But we still made it and kids love swimming. Afterwards with my friend had lunch and pick-up-stix  with the kids than sneaked in the McDonald’s play area without purchasing anything from them.  After naps at home we went to music class. Nice chat with my mommy friends talking about our outfits for our upcoming big saturday night. We are actually going clubbing if you can beleive it!
Once my  husband got home, he had the kids. I got ready and went out with my girls. Did a 'prefix menu' at a great restaurant (French Gourmet) celebrating the release of Beaujolais wine which is traditionally consumed as soon as bottled. A very young red wine that tastes light and refreshing. More like a white on a hot summer day.


  1. I love everything in this outfit. And I think you are right about the purse. Black would have worked fine but brown is great with this. Please tell me where you got your bag. I read the post but maybe i missed it?

  2. I am in love with this outfit! Such a great mix of girly and tough!...I think everything is perfect just the way it is!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. Everything about this outfit is perfect. I love it!


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