Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Owls have fur

Today is 'loving my outfit' day. I just love how this all came together. It was a bit different on my list. I had navy tights and navy blazer but thought that would be too dark and too structured. Decided to go with my new grey cotton blazer. This blazer feels like a cardigan since it is cotton and love the pockets. It is fully lined too. 
I was going to go with grey tights but that would be too matchy. Than burgandy tights was in the running but I have that in too many combos, so came out the teal tights. I bought and wore these couple years ago way before blogging but obviously forward thinking to know colored tights would be in.

And my new faux fur scarf. This is pretty short so just one wrap around the neck does the trick. It has one of those magnetic closures which is perfect. Just instantly brings your outfit to 'trendy' status. So easy. And under $10 at F21. 

Of course it is never cold enough here yet to wear the fur scarf all day. So most of the day I was without the scarf:

So, added these funky arm warmers mom got me again couple years ago (she is forward thinking too). I figured if it was too warm for the jacket I would be too cold with just a tank top dress. Thes arm warmers were perfect. A little funky I realize but hey, taking risks is what it is all about right?

This black mod dress was a maternity purchase but with a belt works just fine. This super duper old belt seems to be the perfect color to work with every dress! My new owl pendant charm necklace went perfect with the outfit. 

And of course to make any dress less dressy and more casual just add a pair of rugged lace up boots: 

Black 'mod' dress - from a vendor in a 'Sassy Chic's' show
Grey cotton blazer - Forever 21 (new)
Arm warmers - gift from mom a few years back
Belt - Limited
Owl Pendant - Forever 21 (new)
Teal tights - not sure (old)
Brown rugged boots - Steve Madden (still available)

Today's Activities: It was thanksgiving potluck day at our preschool class today. With my husbands help managed to make a fresh broccoli salad as well as getting ready and made it there on time. My mom joined us just before lunch. Kids and mommies loved all the food. Had to go to a dr appointment while the kids napped and my mom stayed home with them. Afterwards took them to the mall for some jumpy, train and playground fun followed by some returns and shopping (for kids only). This mall is super close to my husband's work so he met us there after work and we had dinner out together.

Here is my daughter playing cheerleader in class. You see how I also mixed patterns in her outfit:
She wore that top in honor of my mom visiting our class today...
On Her:
All pieces from Children's Place except for the boots which are Laura Ashley from Marshalls


  1. Love your fur scarf.....and your little cutie? shes dressed fab!!

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  2. Your daughter clearly has your fashion sense!! I LOVE your outfit today! The tights the scarf.. all of it!! That first picture is a total model pic. :)

  3. Love the pop of bright blue tights! Fabulous, girl.


    November Grey

  4. This outfit is killer. Seriously my fav outfit of yours ever! Really it is only topped by your little girl's outfit: which is ohmygosh cute. !

    What a stylin' family!

    heart: Kimberellie

  5. Fabulous outfit! Love the bright blue tights!



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