Monday, December 20, 2010

Battling the rain

So, I was so frustrated this morning cause I couldn't find my Dooney & Burke hat that was supposed to go with this outfit. I have worn it on the blog before and I just don't know where it went. Given how obsessively organized I am it is hard to imagine it was misplaced. May be I left it at my mom's cause I wore it there lest. Anyway, it was rainning so I had to have a hat and this was as close as I could find but my D&B hat would have been perfect. The inspiration for the look came from this:

I had these red pants forever. Wore them to work a lot. Whatever this material is they are 100% durable. They don't wrinkle, stains come off super easy and they are machine washable yet they look like dressy slacks. Very comfy too. The cut is not very current but it will do for today.

I like the colors of red, white and khaki. Seeing the plaid umbrella in the photo inspired me to wear my plaid scarf which was also great to keep me warm on this chilly day.  The white top was taken from a 'give away' bag my sister had. Great layerin piece. Between my sister and my mom and I we always let each other take a look at the pile of clothes we are donating. Mom hardly gets rid of anything but my sister and I are notorious and I always take away stuff from her stack and my mom always takes stuff from mine which as you know I take back years later when they are back in style.

This green cord purse would have been perfect if I wasn't with the kids but I was but wanted to show it to you so brought it down for the photo shoot.

Red Pants - old Forever 21
White top - vintage
Trench - J Crew
Plaid scarf - Forever 21
Boots - Newport news catalog
purse - TJ Maxx
Hat - Lord & Taylor (very old from Washington D.C.)

Today's Activites: It was windy and rainning today. Met up with couple mommy friends at a new indoor gym/play area for kids. Very creative in their structures. Kids loved the new set-up. My friend and I might host our daughter's joint b-days here. We then went to a nice restaurant for lunch. Convinced the manager to open up the covered patio for us (with heating lamps) so we had our own secluded area for our 8 kids to play and eat without bothering any of the busness lunchers. After naps at home went to our regular indoor play area where my mom with us then came to dinner at our house. My husband is home sick. Hope he feels better before the holiday.


  1. That scarf is the perfect complement to your red pants!

  2. I think I need a pair of red pants. They're so fun!


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