Friday, December 24, 2010

Red Stilettos on Xmas Eve

This was the festive outfit I wore for Christmas Eve gathering at my mother and step dad's house. I got the inspiration from the following photo:

They did gold tones I decided to go with the silver ones instead. I actually even have a silver and black scarf but thought the faux fur collar looked very cool.

This jacket is part of another business suit I had and have been hanging in my closet. It is a bit big but still works. The silk tank is an old 'clubbing' top I had purchased. The leather pants which I have worn before goes pretty nice with the outfit. Again though I had to cuff the legs because they are too short for me when left open. 

As I had mentioned in previous posts this collar is from a tiny shrug cardigan. It has loops that would button to that cardigan. For this jacket I had to use safety pins for it to stay put.

I could have gone with a very nice necklae instead of earings but I really wanted to wear these earings. They are too flashy for day time otherwise. My big ring was perfect. The cuff's colors also went perfect with the whole combo.

Not much needs to be said about the shoes. They are my statement piece under whatever I wear. I have bought them on a slighly reduced price a long time ago. They look brand new cause I have only worn them a very few times and mostly to a house party. They are the shiniest candy apple red with an extereme pointy toe and stilettho heels.

Boucle Jacket - Part of a suit from Newport News Catalog
Silk top (with chain straps) - Guess
Leather pants - vintage
Earings and cuff bracelet - Forever 21
Ring - From Turkey
Red Patent leather shoes - Stuart Weizmann

Today's Activities: Had a nice breakfast at home and started to plan my cooking and did a couple loads of laundry. Took the kids to the park since it was nice and sunny. Afterwards had lunch at home and put them down for naps. While they napped my mother in law and I cooked like crazy preparing all the dishes for tomorrow so they are ready to just pop in the oven. Even made a egg strata for tomorrow morning that will be baked in the am and ready by the time kids finish opennign their Santa gifts. Then we all got ready and went to my mother's and step dad's for xmas eve dinner. They cooked a yummy roast beef and we all took side dishes. Kids as usual had a great time there. When we came home right by their bedtime we left cookies and milk for Santa and my father-in-law read 'night before christmas' to my son. Then we spen the rest of the night packing and assembling gifts for tomorrow morning. Set-up the camcorder on a tripod so we can record their reaction in the morning. Can't wait...

Here is my daughter not letting go as we try to do the blog photo shoot:

Mother and Daughter... 

Openning one gift at Grandma's...

With my mother, mother-in-law and daughter...

My hubby and I 

My son showing the cookie we left for Santa and our disney santa milk and cookie plate...


  1. Loved every single piece on you today especially the earrings add a great touch to the tweed jacket with fur collar. Juliet looked like a baby doll with actually her doll in matching outfit was sooo cute. Trevor s outfit was awesome and very hip. Barbara s jacket was beautiful .

  2. beautiful elagant lady
    and beautiful family


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