Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flood Advisory

Again, was going to wear a different outfit today but the rain was so bad I had to wear something that goes with my rain boots and a hat was a must. Still very upset about not being able to find my Dooney hat. This outfit was on my list with tall high heel leather boots that would go over my skinny jeans. The look would have been better but like I said...needed to wear rain boots.

Here is my sweater inside the coat...This is quite old. It is very thick so don't get to wear it much in San Diego but today was perfect. I do like the hankerchief hem and the sleeves. The coloerful stiching is very pretty. To match those colors I wore the striped scarf... 

This is actually how I walked around all day today. The trench tightly tied around my waist and the hat never came off. I was indoors only briefly so no reason to take them on and off...

My rainboots were a life saver today. So many areas in parking lots and drive ways and sidewalks were flooded and I would have gottan soaked in any other foot wear.

Sweater - Bebe
Scarf - From Turkey
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Rain Boots - Target
Trench - J Crew
Hat - Forever 21

Today's Activities: It was a tiring day of Dr appts and running errands and driving in downpour rain in between on horrible traffic. In the morning I dropped off my kids at my mom's and step dad's and went to meet my brother and dad at my Dad's Dr appt. I got there a bit earlier hoping I could grab a quick bit to eat before the appt but the cafe was closed! Afterwards hit the grocery store to do my xmas meal shopping. I hate when my lists contain items I don't usually buy therefore I have no idea where they are in the store. I must have asked 4-5 different times for help. To my defense apparently the can mushrooms are not by can vegetables buy by can tomatoes on a different isle! Dried chillies are in some secluded shadow box by the emergency exit in the veggie section!  Shredded coconut apparently is iin the baking isle which kind of makes sense. Cashes are not with other nuts in the baking isle but on a side display on their own. And to my horror they are out of Frozen Turkeys!!!
So, after looping the store 3 different times I finished 1.5 hours later and still had not had lunch by 3 PM! Came home to unload, shove the food down my throat and leave again for my own Dr appt. After 2 hours there had to go to the pharmacy to fill a perscription, tried the grocery store there but again no luck with frozen Turkeys. Now I have to go out Friday to buy a fresh one if they are not out. Thank goodness mom fed the kids and I picked them up and brought them home in time for bed. I am exhausted. Ultimate goal to go to bed early tonight. More rain in forecast for tomorrow! :(


  1. Love the blog! Very good ♥
    Following each other? What do you think?

    Kisses, ♥ Van

  2. I love the detail on the sweater hem. I hate it when whole days go by and I can't find time to eat. Good luck with the turkey!!!
    BTW, I'm gonna place a few gifts under the tree and see how it goes. R is very rambunctious, so we'll see :)

  3. Looking very cheerful and in those colors and prints for the rainy and many chores day. Love those boots and the sweater.

  4. i love the handkerchief hem on your sweater and you have awesome rain boots!!

  5. nice blog and nice Footwear and dress collection I like it


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