Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feathers in the Rain

Got inspired for this combo from the following chictopia post:

I like her colors are pieces more but wanted to put together a similar combo with pieces I already owned so my colors are a bit less interesting.

I just knew I would wear this tunic more. It is comfy and very versatile for all seasons. I have owned this crop grey sweater forever. I wear it every fall/winter. It is just one of those pieces that always looks good and never out of style. The red scarf was a New Year's gift from my Aunt when I was in high school! She also knitted a matching hat but I am not sure where that is. I hated hats then. I tied the scarf like a 'snood' and it looks cool.
The feather necklace is a thread show purchase. Compliments the fur trim of the boots.

And of course my faux fur trimmed booties that seem to make every outfit I pair them with very trendy. Unfortunately with the rain I didn't get to wear them today. Had to do rainboots but I was indoors most of the day anyway.

Notice I am so not styling my hair this week. Tomorrow afternoon is my big Brazilian Blowout appointment so can't wait to see the results...

Striped Tunic and Leggings - Forever 21
Crop Sweater - have no idea it is so old
Red scarf - handmade
Feather Necklae - Thread Show
Faux Fur Trimmed Wedges - Victoria's Secret Catalog

Today's Activites: Another super rainy and windy day. So went to my girlfriend's house for an allday playdate. She lives 30 minutes north of me so when we visit each other we almsot always have the kids nap there. It was total chaos at times but we had fun. The arts and crafts project for the kids turned to be a mommy art project when the kids got bored with it halfway. So we spent quite a bit of time finishing the felt frames and then printing and cutting and glueing photos. We chose photos of our kids together to symbolize all the fun activities we did together in 2010. They sure will be great to look back in years to come. Although the art project was simple the fact that we got it done between 4 little ones who speak and cry all at the same time wanting totally different things is impressive. We had to laugh at ourselves when one of us started to look frantically for the baby forgetting he was strapped in his highchair, while the other one started to dress the younger kid in older kid's clothes and wondered why there were not fitting. Sometimes kids kill your brain cells I swear. It was fun though and a perfect way to spend a rainy day. Hoping for dry weather tomorrow so we can go outdoors.

Here are the kids (her youngest was napping at the time) playing in the play tent:

Here are the frame ornaments we made:
The photo in the snowflake is at her son's 1st b-day party and my daughter is giving him a kiss.
The tree ornament photo was taken today of our sons. You can't get more current than that...

This last one is of all the kids together in the tub at my friend's house. It was in October where we spent the night overthere cause both our husbands were on work trips. We went apple picking the next day...

Great memories....


  1. Great outfit an dyou manage to find all the pieces same as hers in your closet!!!! İ love the art projects and those pictures will be remembered with great laughs in the years to come. The kiss picture is adorable;)

  2. I love all they layers...those boots are so great...
    The ornaments turned out great and they will have so many memories for years to come!!

  3. I have a tunic like that and I'm never sure how to wear it. I think I may have to borrow this look from you :)


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