Friday, December 10, 2010

Green Cargos with Stripes

I love how this looks today. I would have never though to pair this tee with green cargo's ( I have paired them with my regular khaki cargos and that looks nice too ). Got inspired when I saw the following:

Isn't it amazing that I had such a similar tee in my closet? Striped with studded design on it with a touch of red. Mine says "I 'heart' IST" which stands for 'I love Istanbul' which is the most famous city in Turkey.

I removed the fur trim from the wedge boots as this was a more summery look and fur would have looked odd with a short sleeve tee I thought.

Tee - from Turkey
Pants - Bebe
Belt - The Limited
Wedge Boots - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: Another very tired morning. Daughter was up at night cause she can't breath well and had coughing spells. Had to hold her upright so she can sleep more comfortably. My son of coursed picked this morning to also wake up at 6 AM. I am surviving on coffee and tea today. Went to my daughter's premature infant follow-up appointment. She was born prematurely at 33.5 weeks so they do these evaluation tests on her to make sure she is normal and again she passed with flying colors. My son had to sit through the whole 2 hour appointment and was amazing well behaved. We left that office in such a mess that I felt bad for the nurse practioner. Since we were right in the neighborhood had 'Bronx Pizza' for lunch before coming home. Son did not nap of course and I barely got anything done. My husband took my son to the preschool graham cracker house decorating event. We were all supposed to go but since my daughter has a cold she can't be around other kids so we had to stay home. Later took my son to my mom's as the kids will be spending the weekend with them while we go to Vegas on an adult trip! Yeay! Kept my daughter home though as we don't want my mom and stepdad to be sleepless. We will drop her off in the morning before heading of to the airport.


  1. I really like how the stripes look with the cargos!

  2. Nice outfit (^_^)
    I like those boots


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