Monday, December 6, 2010

Tulle in December

This was a great outfit for seeing a play. Of course there is yet another inspiration photo:

If you are thinking I will run out of these you are wrong. I have a giant stack of cut out magazine/catalog photos (including the entire Jcrew fall catalog) plus a thick folder on my computer of digial inspiration photos. I almost thought of taking photos of some of the store windows the other day when I was at the mall cause they had great combo ideas. My sister stopped me. I just love getting inspired visually like this. Some outfits I put together all on my own, that usually happens when I buy something new. But for the old stuff in my closet I need a push to wear them again.

So, I used to have a long thin black sweater that would have been perfect but had given that away as it was too old and had holes. So had to comprimse to create this look. I layered a black tee (bought during maternity era) over a schiffon LS top. You can't really tell can you?

And the skirt is not really a skirt but it is a halter top dress!

If silk scarves ever come back in style I have a very nice collection in my closet. I used to love pairing colorful silk scarves over solid colored business suits. This is one of them.
I got these rhinestone bobby pins from F21. I saw very similar ones at Banana Republic for $15. At F21 they were $2.50. Why would people not visit this store is beyond me.
The earings are hand made and gifted by jeweler aunt in Turkey. I thought the blue picks up the blue butterfly in the scarf.

I need to color my hair this week before the weekend trip. I can see the grey hair so had to part it really deep to hide them!

White Dress (worn as a skirt) - Forever 21
Black Tee - Closet
Black Silk Schiffon LS top - Newport News Catalog
Booties - Steve Madden
Silk red scarf - Echo
Earings - handmade by Aunt

Today's Activities: Dropped off my daughter at my mom's and took my son to see the 'Grinch who stole Christmas' play. It was amazing. It has been running every year for quite sometime now and I never saw it. My friends who had kids before me would go and I was always jealous. Finally my son is old enough to appreciate and most importantly stay quiet in theater so we went. We had already bought and read the book so he new the story. He wore his grinch tee (bought at Old Navy), grinch converses (bought at Sears) and had his grinch doll with him. I am so mad I forgot to take his photo!!!
After the play we had lunch at the nice restaurant in the park with my best friend and her two kids. Came home and my son did nap even though it was late. Afterwards my husband took him to Grandma's and stayed there so I can make some headway on my xmas photo projects. I am not sure how many more nights of going to bed at 1 AM I can handle.

Here are some cute photos of Juliet playing with her doll while I was doing my photo shoot....
See how she is wearing her 'my grandma rocks' shirt as she is going to Grandma's! :)


  1. I LOVe this one Daphne! Very chic look especially in the winter.

  2. İ love the summer dress worn as a skirt would never thought of that since İ put them away after summer!! need to think out of the box. Looks great with all black like snowing in the evening with that scarf looking like Christmas is in the air! great look . Juliet looking so cute playing mom already . She is such an eye candy.

  3. super cute, this outfit is really fun, love the tulle! your daughter is adorable!

  4. So much fun - totally digging your glamtastic ring!

  5. Omigod, you recreated that look PERFECTLY!

  6. Tulle is appropriate any time of the year in my book! Just like sequins!

  7. I love the black top over the dress - it really changes the look!
    Also loving the colors in your scarf!

  8. I love the layering you did most especially with the first look. It's winter perfect and those knot leggings and booties - it's perfection!

    Patricia Ann


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