Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter White

A huge warning there are going to be lots of pictures in today's post. That is because I am catching up on 2 days and I wore 3 outfits in those 2 days. This is my 'Winter White' combo which I wore yesterday (Monday). The inspiration came from:

Although Iwas not happy with how the leggings looked. They just don't look right. I needed something a bit less clingy. Pants would have been better or more loose fitting leggings (if there is such thing). Or may be if I had thicker legs. So, love all thelayers on top but not happy about my bottom.

This is one of those looks where I actually went and bought/collected these items for the look. So these are all bought this season and all from Forever 21. I will obviously wear them in other combo's though.
The base layer is this oatmeal color babydoll top. It will be a great layering piece in many more outfits to come. It is also super soft, tissue thin and very comfy. The sequin tank top is a great piece to add a bit of bling to any outfit. I already wore this on our big night out.

These super cool earings were my recent purchase from Thread show. Love the wings. They look great on.

But I think the most versatile item in this whole combo has to be what I call my 'cream chunky cardigan', I will wear this again and again over many many outfits. It is very comfy. And looks very cool when I close the front as well.

All pieces from Forever 21 except for...
Booties - Victoria's Secret
Earings - Thread Show

OK, so you ready for more? 
Here it goes...


Very casual as you can see. Wore this outfit this morning. My best friend would call this somewhat of a 'bag lady' look and this time I might agree. But I was so sleep deprived (see below why) and this was one of the very very few items in my list that included ugg boots. I love wearing my ugg boots when I am tired. The pop of colors also cheer me up. Notice it is not sunny but I am wearing sunglasses? To hide the bags under my eyes.

Added this feather headband last minute when I realized no styling was going to fix my hair. I bought this couple years ago at another thread show. Thought I would wear it to my cousins wedding but decided not to last minute. Have never worn it until today. My kids kept asking if that was a bird on my head! :)

And this adorable bottle cap necklace is a purchase from 'December Nights' event we went to over the weekend. The artist said it can be an owl or a penguin when you turn it. I have a thing for owls so had to buy it. Looks so cool I think over this neon animal print tee.

Chunky Black Cardigan - La Redoute Catalog
Neon animal print tee - TJ Maxx
Purple leggings - express (bought at a bazaar in Turkey)
Ugg Boots
Headband - Thread Show
Arm Warmers - gift from mom
Bottlecap necklace - gloriamuriel.com

OK, so one more than I promise that is it...


Loving this outfit. First of all it is very simple. Just a sweater, skirt and boots. Takes the same amount of time as putting on sweats, sweatshirt and sneakers. Might be even less since the boots are slip ons.

I feel so powerful in these boots. And they are sooo warm. However, they do make a BIG statement so there are very few events/places I can wear them to. Therefore they were perfect to wear it to my dad's to trim his tree! :)

These adorable earings are also a recent Thread Show purchase. They are made out of recycled old records! She had many different styles (arrows, stars and other hearts). I was drawn to these cause of the blue chain. They just pop!

This sweater is couple years old. I like the ruffle hem. This skirt however is super old. I must have got it during college. I have worn it so much and would never get rid of it cause even though it is super mini it is just so versatile and always in style. I even wore it to visit a native village by boat in the Amazon region! I fit right in with them. :)

Ruffle hem sweater - Victoria's Secret Catalog
B/W mini skirt - do not remember and don't recognize the brand
Tigh high boots - Charlotte Russe
Earings - Thread Show

So, that is it. No more outfits...

ACTIVITIES: I have been driving myself insane trying to finish my snapfish projects of photo calendars and albums and other things as gifts. They take forever to create. I do love makng them but it is so time consuming and I had this great offer that was going to expire so I had to rush to finish as much as I can and order. Have been going to bed past 1 AM for 3 nights in a row and a about to collapse. Dealing with a toddler and preschooler all day when short on sleep does not make a good combination. To not repeat this next year I decided I am going to start all thse projects early in the year and add at the end of each month. That should make it a lot easier to handle. I still have to make our own annual album but that will have to wait. I am getting excited for our upcoming no kid trip to Vegas this weekend. It is only for one night but should be a lot of fun. We are going with 2 other couples. I got my nails done (thanks to my Dad babysitting) and colored my hair today. And even spent a few moments todays plotting some outfits so feel less stressed now.

Here are some photos from yesterday and today. I take these cause the kids insist on them while I am doing my photo shoot and I think it is so cute. This is the ONLY time they actually pose for the camera (kind of)!

Here is my daughter in front of my Dad's trimmed tree and with my brother....
I am totally lusting over his pants by the way. I love the new navy cameo navy has chosen.


  1. nice photos, positive :))

    I love the 1st outfit! great mix of fabrics and greys, tights are super for winter time.
    over knees from the 3: awesome!

    hugs :)

  2. I love the last outfit. May I ask how tall you are? I have been wanting a pair of over-the-knee boots for a while but we don't have any cool stores here, so I'd have to order them online. I'm really short, so I'm afraid that they'll go up to my crotch.

  3. I love them all!!! They are all different but sooo perfect!!!

  4. I absolutely love that sequin tank!

  5. I love youre winter white outfit- those wool tights are amazing!
    Your kids are also beyond adorable :)

  6. Awesome style , these Thigh high boots are made for you ! great combination so cool and chic !


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