Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Cheer in White Sheer

Isn't that a cheesy rhymed title? I couldn't resist though...
This is what I wore last night to our holiday dinner with my girls. Instead of buying each other gifts we treat ourselves to a nice dinner and get together instead. I have marked 7 dressy outfits to wear this month and this was one of them. It turned out a bit more conservative that I would have liked but oh well... Of course there is an inspiration photo behind it:

I actually like that my pants are darker green cause the green and white combo is different. I also like layering thin silk schiffon with fuzzy coat. The pictures are not good, you can't really see I feel the details.

The coat is super soft (rabbit fur) and very comfy. It was chilly even inside last night so it was perfect.  

Added this white feather necklace which I bought on clearence from Bebe for $10 with this outfit in mind. My sister did not approve but I just love this necklace. 

Here is the blouse without the coat. You can't really tell but it actually looked really cool with sheer sleeves. I wore a silk white camisole underneath. You can also see my big ring and bronze belt here as well. Forgot to take a close up photo of the accessories.

After trying 3 pairs of shoes with my mom and sister watching (they were over to help watch the kids) we decided these looked perfect. These are my prize possessions. They are by far the most expansive shoes in my entire shoe collection (and I have a big one). Their retail price was $1500 if you can beleive it!!! I bough them 50% off of sale over sale price at NYC's Century 21 store for $500. This again was in the days of me working with no kids and spending a lot on clothes. Unfortunately they are tough to pair with outfits so I have worn them so little.

Sheer Blouse - loan from mom
Rabbit fur jacket - Guess
Geen Linen pants - from Turkey
Shoes - Chanel
Purse - LV vintage
bronze glitter belt - Forever 21
Feather necklace - Bebe
Cocktail Ring (green with rhinestones) - from Turkey

Gold Chain watch - Ed Hardy

Today's Activities: After that sleepless ER night woke up very tired. My son was at my mom's and since my daughter was sick she had to be excluded from all activities today. Met my stepdad at the swim school so I can drop off swim gear and clothes for my son and he took him to class while I did some shopping at Target with my daughter. They really have very cute clothes for kids. Bought a skirt that looked very similar to the one I had liked at gap but would never pay the price. Afterwards picked up my son and brought them home for a very healthy lunch. Did I mention my son is a very odd child who pretty much only likes healthy food. He picks diet food from restaurant menu's. Won't eat pizza unless it is some gourmet type with lots of veggies. We have to bribe him with broccoli for him to eat his pasta. When we had lunch after the play on Sunday he liked my seaweed salad so much that I had to order another portion. So for lunch I cooked sauteed mushrooms which he loves and a turkish dish of cold cucamber soup made with plain yogurt, grated cucambers and mint leaves. He gulped it up. My daughter of course wouldn't touch any of these items and only ate the chicken nuggets and handed me back the mushroom I tried to sneak into her mouth. After naps my my stepdad came over again to take my son to music class while my mom came to hang out with me and my daughter. Than my sister joined early evening so they all stayed to help my very tired husband with the kids while I went out to dinner with the girls. Even though I was tired once I got there I perked right up. I just LOOOOOVE spending time with my girls.


  1. Those shoes are perfect with the outfit!
    I love the colour and shape of your pants...another fabulous outfit!

  2. You are a chic mom!:D Loving those pants, so posh.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. What a gorgeous blouse. LOVE it with those olive slacks!

  4. What a pretty and unusual combination. Looks great together and my favorite piece is the necklace and of course the shoes.


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