Monday, January 31, 2011

Argyle Vest

So when I put this outfit on and looked in the mirror I really really loved this outfit. But once again looking at the downloaded photos and I am not sure. The vest's green color might be screaming a bit too much...
My inspiration came from the following Lucky post (not sure of the month as I didn't note it):

When I saw this I thought about the argyle vest in my closet that I bought on a business trip in San Fran. There was a big Banana Republic store across from our hotel and the girl that works for me loves the store so we went in after our meeting before dinner. I as pregnant at the time so bought this a bit larger from the sale rack. Hadn't really worn it that much at all.

This purple skirt was in a bag of clothes my mom was giving away. I love it is deep hue and the fact that it is stretchy which actually makes wearing a pencil skirt with kids possible. I tried on my regular leather jacket but like the edge the motorcycle one adds to the outfit. Didn't own any 'tag' necklaces so wore these instead. I love the huge onyx one as I have told you before it is a gift from my uncle's mother which I had loved very much and it is inscribed in the back so I always remember her when I wear it.

The socks are actually tigh high but I folded them to be knee high and they work. Took off the fur trim on the boots for the outfit.

I always get questions if the photos are taken in my house and yes, they are. One day I will do a post on the house as besides being passionate about fashion, I am also very into renovating/decorating.

Leather  Motorcycle Jacket - Wet Seal (from the 90s!)
Argyle vest - Banana Republic
White top - another find in mom's give away clothes, not sure from where
Skirt - Mango
Socks - Forever 21
Wedge booties - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Onyx Necklace - From Turkey
Black bead necklace - Charlotte Russe
Watch - Bulova

Today's Activities: Preschool this morning. My daughter is now old enough where she gets her own story bag. Story bags are these clear backpacks where there is a book and a related toy inside. Kids get to pick them out and keep them for a week than return and get another one every monday. Total hassle for me to make sure we do not loose this toy but they love it. My daughter was so cute today carrying her packpack like her brother when we walked from the car to the class room. It was a long nap period. My daughter woke up pretty much 10 minutes after my son decided to take a nap after all. The kids will be spending the night at my parents tonight as I have my dad's dr appt tomorrow in Laguna beach. So my husband and I are going to have an early dinner and see a somewhat early movie since I have to go to bed early. So, I am posting this early. :)


  1. What a cute vest! I haven't busted out my argyle sweaters yet this winter. Crazy!

  2. Hey Daphne!
    Cute outfit and love your shoes as always! I posted some new pics today of an outfit inspired by your post. I included a link to your post. It's the stripes and fur vest outfit that i put together after seeing stripes and fur on you.
    thanks for the inspiration!

  3. love the mix of the preppy vest with the leather jacket...great inspired by...

  4. OOh I love the argyle with the motorcycle jacket. What a great mix (as always!!).


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