Friday, February 4, 2011

Vintage layers

I love the outfit even though it is a bit 'out' there. I got the inspiration from this:

I was drawn to the combination of pink and red and of course fur.

This pink silk ruffle front blouse used to belong to my Grandmother. My mom had it and landed it to me. I just love wearing something of her. The fur cape was a left over from my mom old vintage store again on loan from her. I purposefully did not button it up so the ruffles of the blouse can show thru...

Yes, I know the green socks in pointy toe brown shoes is the part that makes it 'out' there but I love it. I wish the socks were not too big and fit right but I kept pulling and tucking. This green cocktail ring was perfect to bring out the green in the socks. Just something about adding green to this combo worked.

Amazing how better photos come out when you have someone to take them. My mom took these and I actually had her stand in 3 different locations before picking the best spot for the light.

I actually own red pants but they are boot cut and for this look I needed to cuff the pants to show the ankle socks so went with these burgandy cords instead. I think it still works...

Mom did warn me my face was in the shadows but I think it looks a bit artistic, no?

Silk blouse - Vintage (Grandmother's)
Fur cape - Vintage
Cords & Belt - Forever 21
Ankle Socks - We Love Colors
Shoes -
Ring - From Turkey
Cuff - Charlotte Russe

Today's Activities: Man, you go out of town for day and the stuff just piles up. It took me all day to unpack all the bags from our day trip to disney, laundry, bills, emails, photos etc... Thank goodness my mom came over to help with the kids so I could get more done. While the kids napped she even ran a few of my errands outside the house while I met my friend to finish up the party favors for our daughters' b-day party tomorrow.
For dinner I met the family and the kids at soup plantation for dinner. My step dad commented I might be the only one who ever wore mink in soup plantation history! I was tempted to change shoes and a sweater instead of the cape but I loved the outfit too much to change.


  1. This all looks amazingly beautiful! Even the green socks and pointy toe shoes;)

  2. You look so cute. I love how you show off your socks. I've had socks that would slide down, but I have found that it was caused by loose shoes, so maybe they will stay in place better if you wear them with some tight-fitting flats!

  3. Great job! You made pink, red and green work so nicely. amazing.
    love your grandma's blouse!

  4. Pants and bracelet are to die for! Fabulous!


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