Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cozy in a Snood

I save these super casual and comfy outfits for our road trips up north for my dad's dr appts. Here is where I got my inspiration:

I can't be certain but I think the lovely lady above is pregnant in this photo. Loved its use of sweats and snood and converses. And since I own them all it was a no brainer.

I chose the girl tee again as its nicely with these colors. It would have been better if I had a black graphic tee but the one I have was too cutesy. The slip on converses work great and have the look of the ones with ties on which I love.  Don't you love these puma atheltic socks?

I was actually cold and could have used another layer today. Glad I had the snood to keep me warm.

Just proves you can also wear your hair curly with Brazilian Blowout. I have naturally curly hair so this is what it looks like when I don't do anything to it. Of course before the blowout this looked like a frizz bomb. I am just loving this blowout big time.

Tee - Target
Grey Cotton Blazer, Sweat leggings - Forever 21
Snood - Thread Show
Socks - Puma
Sneakers - Converses
Sunglasses - Chanel

Today's Activities: Another 4:40 AM wake-up call and drive up to Laguna for my dad's dr appt. We had lunch at Dana Point for a change. Dad took these photos by the harbor after lunch...

He also thought this was nice next to the gardenia (I think):

After we got home I was ecstatic to see the Forever 21 box sitting in the porch. So of course instaed of taking a much needed nap before picking up my kids from my mom's I played dress-up instead! Yesterday evening after I dropped off the kids at my mom and step dad's I was early to meet my husband and there was a Marshalls next to the movie theater so of course I couldn't resist. You know what I noticed the most? The absolute quietness. No it was not quiet in the store necessarily but it was for me. That is because I didn't have to talk to anyone, I didn't have to listen to anyone, I didn't have to answer a thousand mostly silly questions or resolve and conflicts over who is ripping whose book or who wants water first. No, it was quiet. I truly enjoyed that first before starting my browsing. I grabbed a halter tank maxi dress that is navy with white stripes. And a very thin striped summer jacket and a really fun plaid and animal print mix purse that was too funky to pass. I also found a great kenneth cole short and 2 t-shirt set and a paul frank tee for my son. I can't beleive at dept store the set retails for $54. That is just crazy for a kid who is going to grow out of it after one season! I got it for $20. So bought the stuff without trying of course so we can have our dinner and a movie. This afternoon was perfect for trying on those as well as the F21 purchases. Everything looks great except the jeans I ordered are too big. I chickened and ordered one size up but should have stuck to my size. My fave has turned out to be this floppy fedora hat. It looks amazing with everything and brings edge to any outfit. The maxi dress was just incredible. I think I jotted 5 different combinations within 10 minutes. Spring will be fun.
After having dinner at my mom's I came home, my husband is at a work dinner so I was on my own. After a quick bath and unpacking their overnight bags we settled in front of the TV to watch shrek 2 (netflix) and as a treat made them air popcorn in the machine which they love to watch. They liked the party favor boxes I had gottan for my daughter's b-day party and used them as pop corn bowls. It was so nice, especially when very subtly my daughter leaned her had on my shoulder. Priceless...


  1. Your hair looks awesome and I LOVE that scarf! It looks so warm and cozy!

  2. ok, that picture is so sweet. I love that they are both clutching their Mickey dolls!!

    I also love how you wore the converse shoes with the socks - so cool. :)

  3. You look darling! I love this outfit. Sometimes gray, black and white look very very chic.
    And of course, your little ones are adorable. Glad you had a quite time. I can totally understand. 20 months apart? wow! I know how you feel. It's almost like having twins. Actually, my daughter is now catching up with my son in height and sometimes people ask me if they are twins :)

  4. Super cute look! I think that may be a magnolia tree - sort of looks like one. Maybe?

  5. such a fun outfit. and your hair looks gorgeous!

  6. You look so cute and comfy! You really did a great job reinterpreting the outfit!!

  7. İ also love your hair and your converse with socks. By the way congratulations for making VIP on chictophia! You can put together anything and make it look cool well on you it is a different story:) Kids look adorable watching the movie but at our house we couldn't make them sit down more than a minute...

  8. i love this whole look head to toe. sweats are my new fave go to item. cozy, chic, well-thought out without trying too hard. great!

  9. Hey, I enjoy reading your post. It's excellent. I love your pictures as well.

    Actually I am a scarf lover. Hope you can check out my blog if you have time. Thanks.



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