Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blush Inspiraiton

This is my attempt to create Bee's (atlantic-pacific) look in her early January post see below:

I loved the idea of layerin pastels and faux fur. I wish I had a more pastel dress but the only dress that came close was this one. I haven't worn this in over 15 years. It was burried in my son's closet. Not sure why I even kept it as it is a cheap one but I guess I figured it might make a come back. There is a similar dress with darker colors that I will wear eventually this season as well.

My dress is calf length so I used a belt to blousan the top and shorten the skirt so you can barely see the knee high socks which I love the look of...
This super lightweight cream 'snood' is a new purchase from Forever 21. It is light enough to be even worn in spring which is why I bought it. $5.80 if you can beleive it.

This blush boyfriend cardi is a new purchase. I didn't even have to think twice as I knew it would be a great layering piece for any season in my closet. And for $11.50 you really don't have to think too much. Got to love Forever 21. A cardigan like this would go for $50-$60 at JCrew and I swear the quality is pretty great. But, then again I seldom over wear any clothes so who knows... The pockets are so cool right at the correct length for me to put my hands in.

Since I am wearing two scarves right around my neck, had to put up my hair. I am not nearly as elobarate with my hair as Bee is so I simply clipped it up. This clip is from the bazaar in Turkey. Looks very expansive but of course it wasn't. Also added a cute black rhinestone bobby pin (came in a set of 3 from Forever 21).

I know I have been asked before and not sure if I ever answered but yes this door I sometimes photograph infront of is in my house. As eloborate and as cool as it looks you will be surprised to find it actually houses my hsuband's shoes. I know it more looks like a wine cellar. I designed this door and we had it custom made in Mexico (you know I am in SD so that is about a 30 minute drive south for us). This door is right in our entry way facing our front door... 

My wedges which were this season's purchase are being used so often and really bring style to any outfit I feel. Since I am wearing faux fur around my neck I decided to wear them without the fur trim. I always find the best stylish shoes from Victoria's Secret. Already have my eye on a cream sandal/boot for summer in there and waiting for it to go down in price.

Dress - from NYC (I think the store was called 'strawberry' if it even still exists)
Cardigan, cream snood, faux fur scarf, bronze thin belt - Forever 21
Socks - Charlotte Russe
Wedges - Victoria's Secret Catalog

Today's Activities: We have a new swim class time. Used to be 10:30 and now it is at 11:30 AM which gave me a lot more time in the morning to lounge around with the kids. It was my daughter's first day in an upper level swim class. She did great and enjoyed it even more. When she went in with me I had to hold her at all times but in this level class she gets to wait on a sunk in platform in the water and gets to play by herself while the instructor swims with the other students so was more fun for her. She was adorable in her new 'Abby Caddaby' swim suit and singing  to herself the whole time mostly the 'happy birthday to you' song from her many b-day celebrations last week.  After class we came home right away for lunch. It is nice to do lunch at home but my gosh not sure how dirty dining room and kitchen get from such simple meal I do not know. That 30 minute swim class was tiring enough for them to take solid naps. Woke up barely in time to make it to the music class. Afterwards my husband took over and I went out with my girlfriend to a 'captain's appreciation' dinner organized by the parent connection group which bring together mommy groups. Since I am the captain of my group it was free for me which was cool.

P.S. I obviously did not wear the above outfit to the pool (swim class). Snapped a photo of what I wear so you can see what my 'sweats' looks like. When I do wear sweats I like wearing bright colors. This 'pink' combo was bougt on clearance and provides the exact look I look for in a casual outfit.

Even though I love buying crocs for my kids I do not like them on grown-ups. These look alike model (which did not cost any less) was purchased while in Turkey. I loved the funky design on it and needed comfy slippers that can be worn inside or outside with our without socks. And at home they make great gardenning clogs and I sometimes wear them out too... 


  1. I think you did great!:D

    Love the idea of pastels and fur too, so posh and romantic!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Ypu can'have better weather than San Diego to wear pastels and fur! You did a great job putting it together and İ love your hair up! İ was expecting Juliet's picture in her new swimsuit but İ guess İ have to wait;(

  3. The pastels look so pretty with the fur! I love the new cardi - it will go with so many outfits!

  4. LOVE that dress - gorgeous! F21 has some excellent cardi choices for sure!


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