Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sporting a Fedora

So, realized I do not own any 'sporty' clothes and gave up on trying to look sporty since I am so not even into football and wore this instead. The inspiration had come from the following which I think was an ad:

I liked the use of the hat and the shawl  in this oufit and the colors. My colors a bit different but same idea of using black and gray with pop of brown.
I bought this top again during materniy but kept it in the closet cause it is cool but yes a bit baggy on me now.

Amazing how I didn't use/wear this shawl for years and years but just these past 2 months I wore it twice.

This is the hat my mother got in France and she said she wore it there all the time but does not wear it here, so it is on a long term loan to me. Just last year I didn't have the guts to wear the hat other than a photo shoot. Now, I don't even think twice. And my friends and family are so used to my 'unique' outfits that they don't think it is weird anymore.

Got lots of compliments on my earings at the various grocery stores today!
The layers of this outfit was perfect for today. It was warm and the short sleeve sweater was great. And when it got chilly the 100% wool shawl was enough to keep me warm plus the hat.

SS black sweater top - Forever 21
Grey denim leggings - Kohl's
Shawl - Newport News Catalog
Hat - mother's
Feather earings - Thread show
Boots - Via Spiga

Today's Activities: Morning was rough, just wasn't in the mood. My husband helped by going to the grocery store except the one item he couldn't find was the thing I needed to make my salad for the party. So I went to Henry's and they didn't have it either. Finally Trader Joe's had it. Shelled Edamame that is.  So after 3 stores I finally made the salad took it to the party and put it in the fridge then forgot to take it out for lunch/dinner! Can you beleive that!
We had organized this super bowl party for months. We arranged 2 babysitters to watch our 8 kids while we are all there just so we can relax and enjoy the company without resolving kid disputes. The kids had a great time playing and we enjoyed wine/beer and a walk on the beach while our husband watched the game. It was amazing how hectic it got the minute the sitters left.

Here are some photos of the kids playing and having a living room pizza picnic later in the evening...


  1. İ love that you are using my fedora often and looks great. İt was so easy to wear it where everybody was dressing like this in France! Again the brown boots would not be a second thought for me but it looks great together! Looks like the kids had a fun party too...And Juliet is wearing her new necklace:)

  2. I have so many shawls from my belly-dancing days. I think I'm going to have to break them out from their storage bag.
    Check out my cowl scarf give-away!!!

  3. This outfit is very stylish ! I think the kids had lots of fun !

  4. Such a great idea to have a sitter at the party so the adults can actually relax! Love how you styled that fedora!

  5. whoa....i think this is my fave look so far!! i just love my fedora...instant bad-hair fix! i leave it in the car for emergencies, lol.

    sitters at a party??!! fabulous idea!


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